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How can we get rid of misspelled and unused (or "zombie") tags?

During the re-tagging of questions, tags sometimes become orphaned from existing questions. Are these zombie tags ever removed from the tags list? What if a tag is misspelled and needs to be removed?...
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I accidentally created a tag -- how can I delete it? [duplicate]

I was playing with few options and accidentally created this meta tag dfgdfgdg, which I shouldn't have. How can I get rid of it? Do I need a moderator to delete it?
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Delete (merge?) javascrip tag [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: I accidentally created a tag. How do I delete it? Shouldn't SO unused tags be deleted? I found a tag on SO named javascrip which is clearly a typo of javascript. I ...
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Created a tag by mistake [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: I accidentally created a tag. How do I delete it? I retagged a question and accidentally created the d tag. How do I delete it?
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Flagging tags for deletion [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: I accidentally created a tag. How do I delete it? Is there a way to report/remove frivolous tags? I just found the tag xlw which is a typo of xls but I don't find a way to ...
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How to report if I found someone created a invalid tag? [duplicate]

I just found someone created a new tag. But I am sure the created tag is not valid. It has a typo. If the typo is fixed then the tag is already exist. How can I report to fix this?
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Could the tagging system be enhanced to support tag synonyms?

Quite often Transact SQL questions get tagged as t-sql when the convention now is to tag as tsql. However, no matter how hard you can try to educate users that the 'correct' tag is tsql, you're ...
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Should We Zap The Low-Occurrence Tags? [closed]

I just looked on SO, and found that there are about 12,880 tags with only a single use. There are 26,250 used less than 10 times. That's just too many for the community to fix. I think we need some ...
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Delete the riddle tag? [closed]

Earlier I saw a question which was tagged riddle. This tag seemed completely inactive, it had only 11 questions most likely each of which ought to be closed (looking through them). I decided to go ...
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When do tags finally die?

I occasionally go through the newly created tags, retagging questions with tags that don't need to exist. I was told we don't need to create a big list for the moderators because the tags will die on ...
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Can one flag a tag?

I found a question that was tagged by a user with mysq when mysql was intended. Should I report this as an error somehow or is mysq legitimate?
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Delete tag [tag:winfroms] as it is a typo [closed]

winfroms is a typo of winforms. I would suggest deleting rather than merging as there was only 1 question with it and I have re-tagged it.
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Do tags still exist if the only question with the tag has the tag removed?

There was one time I saw a tag that was used for only one question, but just after the question was created the tag got edited out. I think (not totally sure) that it had a tag wiki. When I clicked on ...
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