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What's the policy about having multiple user accounts? [duplicate]

Take this example: all SO user accounts of user known as "icepax". I can imagine of any human reasons to create a new user account at SO, e.g. willing to restart with a clean (reputation) history. ...
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Need to ask a question anonymously

I asked this in the tavern. I need to ask a question anonymously as my profile is pretty much traceable to me. I've been told that logging out and asking the question will do. However I'm worried ...
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Why have my two accounts been merged without asking me?

I have two accounts, one is my main account and another one for the sally questions because I don't like these kind of questions to be exist in my main account. Yesterday, I've found that Stack ...
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Can SE codify or clarify sockpuppeteering in the Terms and Conditions and rules?

So as a moderator on Ask Ubuntu yesterday, I found a sockpuppet account and nuked it from orbit. I then suspended the puppeteer account through the standard moderator messages interface. Usually when ...
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Multiple accounts and "cross-pollination" detection?

Multiple accounts on SO are merged if they share the same IP/OpenID/etc. However, is there a way to analyze upvotes statistics to detect "cross-pollination" of some accounts which regularly upvote ...
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Chat shouldn't highlight commas that come after mentions if they are not part of the user's name

The comma should not be highlighted in green, as it's not part of my name. (daknøk is my other account.)
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Questions about merging sock puppet accounts

Recently I created two accounts, and I must admit, I use them to sock puppet (not on meta), but now I want to merge them, because it's really hard to live with this lie, and I have several questions: ...
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If I delete my SO account, can I use my email on another account?

Lets say I deleted my account, after a while I have a question that only can be answered on SO (just an example), Can I use the same email or not?
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Account creation question regarding personal and job use

Will StackOverflow discourage creation of two accounts with one used for personal use and another for job use? Also, what if my co-workers 'mess' with me on stackoverflow?
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Can I ban users from seeing or answering my questions?

This hasn't happened to me in particular, but I have always been a bit paranoid that maybe a coworker might see me asking a dumb/easy question or maybe a particular user doesn't like another user so ...
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Using multiple accounts (ethically) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: I am a sockpuppet, may I exist if I have a real purpose? I'm considering setting up a second account for ethical uses. Specifically, as I'm here under my real name (used for ...
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