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After studying Why wasn't reputation loss on downvoted questions doubled as well? it seems like there is a "consensus like" understanding that the "official" goal of the "question weight change" ...
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Until this day, for each interaction with the SO Site, I received my reputation points at the same moment of the interaction. For example, when suggested edition was accepted, my reputation would ...
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Lost reputation due to removed post [duplicate]

Today I lost 25 reputation points and I'm just curious why? Apparently it was an upvoted and accepted answer and I thought that questions with answers can't be deleted easily. Talking about the ...
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10 rep penalty for deleting your own answers? [duplicate]

I've been doing a cleanup of my answers when they were covered in other answers and added no particular value. After reaching the 5 deletes-per-day limit I noticed I'm 10 rep under my score. I ...
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How does the reputation system actually work? [duplicate]

I seem to be confused about how the reputation system on these sites works precisely. I'm trying to advance so that I can make better use of these sites and provide more useful and valuable responses, ...
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Negative reputation from a comment? [duplicate]

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Losing reputation for downvoting [duplicate]

A few days ago, I downvoted this answer. Right after I downvoted, I was told that I had lost two reputation points/marks (whatever they're called). I thought nothing of it until today, when I lost ...
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I know how reputation works and also read this post How does “Reputation” work? According to this post your reputation will be decreased by 1 when you vote an answer down/not useful. As you can see ...
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Feature Request: Offical Reputation Rules Page [duplicate]

Reputation doesn't work quite as simply as: Here's how it works: if you post a good question or helpful answer, it will be voted up by your peers: you gain 10 reputation points. If you post ...
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I don't know why my reputation decreased [duplicate]

I don't understand why my reputation decreased from 256 to 241. I even checked on my reputation but it is not showing what I believe to be the correct result. What might be the problem?
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How does the rating system work? [duplicate]

I appreciate I'm interacting in with developers and so allowances have to be made re their lack of social skills but I'm going to ask anyway. I asked a question regarding VBA code reading from a text ...
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Why 3 points for asking a question [duplicate]

Has there been a change so that asking a question receives 3 points? I'm showing +3 for a question I posted, and can't figure out the reason.
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Was something changed in rep calculation? [duplicate]

For an answer I received 10 votes and 1 negative vote but my rep is 90. I remember Upvote means +10 Downvote means -2 In my case it Upvote means +10 and Downvote means -10, is this a new ...
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