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Why doesn't reputation carry over each Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

Like for example, on Stack Overflow I have around 85 rep, but when I go to a new network site, like User Experience, my rep is reset to one, why is this?
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How does 'percentage contribution' affect rep on StackOverflow? [duplicate]

If person A creates a Q or A, then person B comes in and changes it, the percent contributed will be displayed next to the original posters name. How does that affect rep? And is there a certain ...
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Accepted answer give me just 10 instead of 15 points [duplicate]

I'm not sure if there is any change in SO rules or I might be missing something. But one of my answer got accepted today & I get +10 points for it instead of +15. What is the cause of that ? How ...
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Can I get reputation without giving any answer to question or without asking any question? [duplicate]

I have just seen the profile of This person has not asked any question and not given any answer but he has 101 rep. How's that?
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Is it possible to delete a comment without reduction in reputation [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? Suppose I want to answer a question but I have commented the answer to someones post. So if I delete the comment will it deduct my ...
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Bonus reputation not received on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Should all linked accounts get the 100 bonus? How does “Reputation” work? Recently, I received 100 rep because one of my accounts hit 200+ reputation. All the ...
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Do I not lose rep from downvotes when I delete an answer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? I missed what language a question was in and answered incorrectly. One helpful comment (and several downvotes) later, I realized my ...
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What does deletion of post cost? [duplicate]

Do I lose reputation on deleting my post with score -3? I just lost my reputation by 10.
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How are these points with limit of 200 per day possible [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? How to get over 200 reputation points every day? Check out these stats. If there is a limit of 200 points per day (excluding bounty) how could these ...
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Shouldn't I still get 200 reputation? [duplicate]

Today on Puzzling SE I earned close to 200 rep. In fact, I was at 198 reputation, and then one of my answers got upvoted, but I only got 2 rep. I totally get this, because 200 is the cap. But then, I ...
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-4 rep for deleting answers, but sometimes not - why? [duplicate]

I always delete my own answers when a better answer is upvoted and accepted. There is no reason for having bad or not-satisfying answers being around. I did not always have that behaviour. So I have ...
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Downvoting during review - hits my score? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? Why is it that down-votes that I cast during review are reflected in my score? Am I misunderstanding the process?
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Why did my reputation decrease? [duplicate]

I asked a question and no one answered me. And I repeated my question with more details. How to place an element over another element?
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Is the 50 reputation requirement for commenting on questions there to generate activity on the site? [duplicate]

It seems awfully convenient that to be able to ask a clarification or an update, one should have already answered a bunch of unrelated questions. Assuming one answers 10 or 20 questions first, how ...
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Upvote increases rating with +2 [duplicate]

Mates, I'm wondering why was my rating increased by +2 after I had received a downvote. Or it's something that is supposed to happen (by rules) when a downvote is received ?
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