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Got +3 score for an upvoted answer [duplicate]

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Does a change in reputation in meta cause a change in reputation in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I am a Stack Overflow user. I just wanted to know if any change in my reputation here will cause a change in my reputation in Stack Overflow? Also, I just wanted to know since I am new to this site, ...
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Why am I getting a downvote for giving a downvote? [duplicate]

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If I delete my own answer, will I lose reputation? [duplicate]

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Downvotes on question negate 1 reputation point [duplicate]

User asked a Question where he recieved 9 downvotes(No positive vote). On his profile I see: Is downvote now negates only 1 reputation? Or Is this an exceptional case for low reputation user?
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Does negative reputation count as due? [duplicate]

At Stack Exchange, one's reputation can never decrease below 1. Is negative reputation that is not counted in case of insufficient reputation deducted later on, i.e. when reputation is earned? EDIT: ...
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Bit confused about the points [duplicate]

I am a bit confused about the points a user can gain on this website. There are many users who have points like e.g. 250 And many users who have points like e.g 15k So can you please explain the ...
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User has for each not active account 5 x 101 Points - is that possible? [duplicate]

I noticed a user with 6 account who seams to have only 1 account active. Is there a mistake or is it something I didn't ...
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What happens if I delete a question with upvotes? [duplicate]

What happens if I delete a question with upvotes? Will I have a penalty? I mean, what would happens if the answers have upvotes?
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Why is Stack Overflow showing 1207 and 1101 reputation for the same account? [duplicate]

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bonus your associated accounts [duplicate]

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What is the best way to gain reputation without asking questions? [duplicate]

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Why hasn't my daily reputation score updated after my comments were upvoted? [duplicate]

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Why I got only 2 reputation for upvote [duplicate]

Yesterday I faced one issue, I don't know wether it's an issue or my fault of understanding. Here is answered one question Can GWT handle Java Swing? Answer accepted and got 4 up votes. Still ...
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