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How to get over 200 reputation points every day [duplicate]

I was watching the top users and saw the honourable Jon Skeet profile with his 136k+ 558k+ 1M reputation. This man has a lot of quality posts and I respect him a lot. He deserves the reputation he has,...
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Lost reputation after answering my own question with bounty [duplicate]

Timeline: Asked a question, no (interesting) answers for two weeks Set bounty on it this morning Found the answer to my question two hours later. Answered my own question. Bounty reputation is ...
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How can I increase my reputation? [duplicate]

Am I being penalized for asking about an obscure programming language? I don't care so much about my reputation, it's just I cannot vote for people who had helped me. So what can I do to increase my ...
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Not getting edit's +2 rep after reaching 2k rep [duplicate]

After reaching 2k rep , I'm not receiving +2 rep per edit. Why?
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How do you get more than 1 reputation? [duplicate]

Is there any way of getting to the first 15 reputation (at which point you can actually do something) on Stack Overflow other than by asking questions? My problem is this: if I see a good answer that ...
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What is the benefit of reputation on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I'm a beginner on Stack Exchange. I have a Stack Overflow account. What is the benefit of reputation count? Do people with more reputation have more knowledge?
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The rep cap is 200 per day, correct? [duplicate]

I got 11+ upvotes and only 29 rep for an answer but my daily reputation was only at 156. That's 44 short of the daily cap! I'm trying to make 20k before the Boston Dev Days, too!
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How does editing affect reputation? [duplicate]

I've seen a few posts on the topic of "How to Increase Your Reputation" (e.g. Six simple tips to get Stack Overflow reputation fast), which say that editing is an important reputation-affecting ...
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At which point of reputation does Stack Overflow reward bonuses? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? When I reached 200 reputation points last week, I got a bonus of 100 from Stack Overflow, and I searched to know more about when and how these ...
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Share reputation between Stack Exchange sites [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? Could there be a bit of reputation leakage between the sites, please? I came from Stack Overflow where I participate more frequently, but now I ...
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Clarification about daily cap and accepted answers [duplicate]

I read in FAQ about daily cap limit and that it does not include accepted answers. However it can be read in 2 ways: The 15 points for accepted answer is not included The upvotes on accepted answer ...
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My reputation on Stack Overflow is reduced without any downvote [duplicate]

My reputation on Stack Overflow is reduced without any down-vote or any negative reputation points shown at Two days ago my reputation was ...
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No reputation for upvote given? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? After answering a question earlier on SO, I realized that the upvotes to my answer do not increase my reputation. I've checked and I am sure that ...
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Stack Overflow requires reputation for everything [duplicate]

Anything I try to do requires reputation. How am I supposed to start using it? I cannot reply to answers. I cannot comment. I cannot upvote.
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Can I get more than one association bonus awarded on all my accounts? [duplicate]

On Stack Overflow I crossed 200 and got 100 rep association on all accounts. Now, if I cross 200 on Mathematics (I am on 188 reputation now) then will I get another 100 rep association bonus on all of ...
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Should the privilege levels be adapted after changing the question upvote weight? [duplicate]

After studying Why wasn't reputation loss on downvoted questions doubled as well? it seems like there is a "consensus like" understanding that the "official" goal of the "question weight change" ...
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Is my reputation frozen? [duplicate]

Until this day, for each interaction with the SO Site, I received my reputation points at the same moment of the interaction. For example, when suggested edition was accepted, my reputation would ...
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Lost reputation due to removed post [duplicate]

Today I lost 25 reputation points and I'm just curious why? Apparently it was an upvoted and accepted answer and I thought that questions with answers can't be deleted easily. Talking about the ...
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10 rep penalty for deleting your own answers? [duplicate]

I've been doing a cleanup of my answers when they were covered in other answers and added no particular value. After reaching the 5 deletes-per-day limit I noticed I'm 10 rep under my score. I ...
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How does the reputation system actually work? [duplicate]

I seem to be confused about how the reputation system on these sites works precisely. I'm trying to advance so that I can make better use of these sites and provide more useful and valuable responses, ...
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My reputation score is showing an incorrect value [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? Please check below the reputation details for today: Question - Why the reputation is not shown for the last two?
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Negative reputation from a comment? [duplicate]

I posted a comment on an answer yesterday (here: ) And today I got notification that my reputation had dropped by 1 because of that comment.... I'm just ...
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Not given reputation points for received upvotes [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does "Reputation" work? As you can see below, a few upvotes that I received didn't register. Any particular reason?
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Losing reputation for downvoting [duplicate]

A few days ago, I downvoted this answer. Right after I downvoted, I was told that I had lost two reputation points/marks (whatever they're called). I thought nothing of it until today, when I lost ...
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Why is my reputation decreased by 1? [duplicate]

I know how reputation works and also read this post How does “Reputation” work? According to this post your reputation will be decreased by 1 when you vote an answer down/not useful. As you can see ...
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Feature Request: Offical Reputation Rules Page [duplicate]

Reputation doesn't work quite as simply as: Here's how it works: if you post a good question or helpful answer, it will be voted up by your peers: you gain 10 reputation points. If you post ...
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I don't know why my reputation decreased [duplicate]

I don't understand why my reputation decreased from 256 to 241. I even checked on my reputation but it is not showing what I believe to be the correct result. What might be the problem?
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How does the rating system work? [duplicate]

I appreciate I'm interacting in with developers and so allowances have to be made re their lack of social skills but I'm going to ask anyway. I asked a question regarding VBA code reading from a text ...
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Why 3 points for asking a question [duplicate]

Has there been a change so that asking a question receives 3 points? I'm showing +3 for a question I posted, and can't figure out the reason.
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Was something changed in rep calculation? [duplicate]

For an answer I received 10 votes and 1 negative vote but my rep is 90. I remember Upvote means +10 Downvote means -2 In my case it Upvote means +10 and Downvote means -10, is this a new ...
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Unbelievable reputation for a new member [duplicate]

I've just looked at the stats for a relatively new member and cannot believe the rep he supposedly made in one day, being a relative rookie.
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Why do I get "+3" reputations ? [duplicate]

I notice I got +3 reputations today for this question, the system tells me I get "+5" and "-2" on this question, but clearly this question has no upvotes or down votes. So why do I get "+3' ...
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I removed a post and got a -8 reputation loss [duplicate]

I posted an answer to a question that another user made comments about not being helpful. The answer didn't have any upvotes or downvotes, so I just decided to remove the answer. What I don't ...
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Value of upvote in stack overflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? I have been using stack overflow for a little while and whenever I got an upvote, it was valued 10 points. Yesterday I've got an upvote worth only ...
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How voting system works? [duplicate]

Do all votes have the same effect on reputation? Is there any policy in which first n votes will increase/decrease the reputation by j, and after n votes reputation will increase/decrease by k votes?...
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Why did I receive 2 rep for getting upvote on my answer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? I am sure there is something wrong with Stack Overflow reputation system today, please check my previous Meta question: Really I earned ...
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-2 19 mins ago - removed - User was removed . But How -2? [duplicate]

I know that if a user is removed, all his votes will be cancelled. So some users may have negative reputation changes as a multiple of 10 or 5. But How -2 reputation change for user removal? I got ...
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How to get reputation on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I think is great, and I would like to contribute. Usually, I find the answers to my questions are already there. I'd like to upvote the best answers and questions, but I do not have ...
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Why is my reputation not increasing? [duplicate]

I am receiving upvotes, but my reputation is not increasing. Why does that happen? Take a look at this answer and this question for example.
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Answer was deleted but the reputation was not reduced [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? I deleted this answer a few days ago but my reputation was not reduced after that. I waited for a few ...
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How come I get a -2 when my answer is the selected one? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? I answered this post about UUIDs and was eventually the selected answer, but I got -2 for it. I can understand that somebody might have downvoted ...
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How many down-votes does it take to lower your reputation? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? I have been looking at the FAQ and the parts about reputation and voting, but I was wondering how many down-votes does it take to lower ...
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How this user got 10 reputation? [duplicate]

I saw this user got ten reputation from this question, but the question was put on hold and the user got one downvote from it. How could he get ten reputation from it?
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How to gain reputation for a newcomer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? I'm a new user on Stack Overflow, so I'm starting with 1 score. Am I right in understanding that I'm not allowed to do almost anything ...
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Reputation across Stack Exchange sites [duplicate]

I am new to Stack Exchange and have participated in two sites. I want to know if reputation works across Stack Exchange sites. For example, if I have 20 reputation points in Ask Ubuntu, can I post a ...
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Why doesn't reputation carry over each Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

Like for example, on Stack Overflow I have around 85 rep, but when I go to a new network site, like User Experience, my rep is reset to one, why is this?
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How does 'percentage contribution' affect rep on StackOverflow? [duplicate]

If person A creates a Q or A, then person B comes in and changes it, the percent contributed will be displayed next to the original posters name. How does that affect rep? And is there a certain ...
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Accepted answer give me just 10 instead of 15 points [duplicate]

I'm not sure if there is any change in SO rules or I might be missing something. But one of my answer got accepted today & I get +10 points for it instead of +15. What is the cause of that ? How ...
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Can I get reputation without giving any answer to question or without asking any question? [duplicate]

I have just seen the profile of This person has not asked any question and not given any answer but he has 101 rep. How's that?
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Is it possible to delete a comment without reduction in reputation [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? Suppose I want to answer a question but I have commented the answer to someones post. So if I delete the comment will it deduct my ...
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