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Wildchars in tags preferences [duplicate]

There are favorite and ignored tags in Preferences. They need to explicitly list your tags. I would like to have wild char support here, so for example *PHP* will find PHP, PHP3, PHP4, PHPUnit, ...
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Tag "*~294": what is it?

I came across this weird tag accidentally. SO claims there are 67488 questions tagged with it. Is it a bug or a feature? The screenshot:
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Another kind of tag hierarchy/relationship

Ok, now we have synonyms which is great and helps a bit more to organize the tags. But I think we need something more (in addition). I know that having tag hierarchy was proposed before and more or ...
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When should product versions be included in tags? [closed]

If a question has been tagged with sqlserver-2008, should it also be tagged with sqlserver? If a question has been tagged with sqlserver and references a feature only present in SQL Server 2008, ...
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Please add wildcard support to the StackExchange™ GlobalTag MegaBlender™

This is an intentional re-post of this answer because waffles said so. The existing boxes for adding "interesting" and "ignored" tags supports wildcards. For example, entering &...
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Ignore tags using wild card

EDIT/EDIT Ok, my question is: Can I ignore all the tags but my favorites? If so, please tell me how with a very small example ( take javascript tag for instance ) If is not possible just tell me ...
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Clicking on tags with wildcards gives you a blank page

Related Question: Searching for a tag containing * breaks I have tags in my "Interesting Tags" with wildcards, like html*, php* and so on. If I click on it it goes to
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Tags with * in not working correctly?

I have some interesting tags stored on Stack Overflow with * in them (e.g. c#* or delphi*) and they no longer seem to be working. I'm fairly sure they did since I remember setting them up after ...
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Allow batch adding or removing tags from interesting/ignore lists

I want to be able to bulk add or remove tags from my watched lists of interesting and ignore using wildcards. So if I entered [php*] into the tag field it would then either add or remove all tags ...
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C# wildcard tag in Favourite Tags list

If I add *.net* to my Favorite Tags list I can see all questions with a tag that contains the substring .net (as well as a summary list of tags matching *.net*) If I add *C#* I am only shown the C# ...
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Wildcard tags can no longer be watched or ignored

While editing my watched tags list on RPG.SE, I received an unexpected error message saying that "gm does not exist on this site". The reason why the error was so surprising was that I never had gm ...
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Search for diamond (♦) symbol doesn't work [duplicate]

Just tried to search for the diamond symbol (♦) and got no results. It seems that searching for any single symbol is not implemented. For instance: Search for point Search for comma Even more, ...
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Linking interesting tags that include wild card [duplicate]

Exact Duplicate: Clicking on tags with wildcards gives you a blank page I think since yesterday links in the interesting and ignored tags sections that include wildcards changed their behaviour to ...
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Need better ways to handle ignored tags

I am currently ignoring an odd 200 tags, growing about 5 a day. Could Regex capability be added? Also could interesting tags veto ignored tags?
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Make 'Ignored Tags' a little more encompassing

For example when I block tomcat, I'd also like to have tomcat6 tomcat7 tomcat5.5 also blocked. This is one example, but it occurs often like in case of visual-studio. The current interface makes ...
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