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I was trying to post a comment on escaping backslashes, and ran into some formatting issues. Namely, how to not escape backtick characters, because by default, they are always escaped following a ...
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Issue with code markdown in comments [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Backslash escaped with backticks rendered incorrectly in comments Backslash escaping in code regions in comments When trying to add a \ at the end in a code block in a ...
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How do you type a single backslash, code-formatted, in a comment?

Is there a way to type something in a comment that renders like this? You'll need to escape it with a backslash - that is, the \ character. I've tried various combinations, but a single backslash ...
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Escaping backtick [duplicate]

How can I escape a backtick? I've tried whatever is written in the "How to Format" rubric that's on the right of the page, but it didn't work: like _so_ I want the backtick to be written in a ...
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Backslash escaped with backticks rendered incorrectly in comments

`\` should be rendered as an escaped backslash but it actually ends up displayed as an escaped backtick.
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comment doesn't support multiple backticks code span

Quote from markdown syntax: To include a literal backtick character within a code span, you can use multiple backticks as the opening and closing delimiters: ``There is a literal backtick (`) here.`` ...
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Problem with double backticks for marking inline code

In this post over at I'm trying to explain how one can mark inline code. To show backticks in inline code, I enclose the code in double backticks ``, and mostly this works. However, the very ...
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Recent change in treatment of backticks in comments?

Until very recently, typing ``` in a comment gave `. Now it gives ```, and I have to type `\`` to get `. Can someone explain what exactly was changed recently in comment markdown treatment? EDIT1: ...
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Recent change of inline code in comments leads to mistakes in old comments

This is a continuation of my question Recent change in treatment of backticks in comments?, but as that one is status-completed, I think it better to ask a new question. As explained here by Jeff, ...
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Code escaping in comments eats backslashes

While I sometimes stumble over things where the normal formatter and the one in the comments disagree on the grave accent, such as: * `abc`def * `\`g` Maybe it even is useful (though I can't see ...
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Code formatting broke in this comment [duplicate]

I did a bit of research, but I don't think this has been asked elsewhere. I added a comment to this answer, and the formatting broke. The "code" part consisted of multiple backslashes: \ -> \\\, \\. ...
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Code-higlighting a single backslash in comments doesn't work [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do you type a single backslash, code-formatted, in a comment? I was trying to get a \ in a comment and couldn't do it... (To be clear, I mean a single backslash code-...
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