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Should I link badly asked questions to Raymond?

I recently encountered a vague question on Stack Overflow which asked for instructions on a very basic operation in C++. I added an answer linking to a Google results page, which contained very easy ...
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Why does stack overflow suggest so many irrelevant questions on the "Ask a Question" screen?

I was just asking a question on Stack Overflow and after entering the title I got a hundred or so related questions, which are absolutely unrelated to anything I care about. Did anyone actually ...
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How can Stack Overflow discourage duplicate questions?

Ok, so questions and suggestions about duplicate questions are pretty common, often being duplicates themselves. My question is really more about how Stack Overflow could change in order to ...
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Begin focusing more on searching than asking

Just a thought. I have noticed that many, many more questions are getting duplicated on SO. This may be partly due to availability of searching within SO. I know SO questions appear frequently in ...
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Force a search before asking question?

I've noticed quite a few questions coming in on META that are definitely duplicates of other posts. To the point where I think the titles may have even been almost the same verbatim (ok, a tad bit of ...
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Make the how-to-ask site agnostic

Regarding this from the blog: Furthermore, this page is designed to be shared and reusable. Free to share the How to Ask link with any question asker in need of advice on how to improve their ...
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Clarify purpose on Area 51 Discussion "Ask Question" page

Since the Area 51 Discussion Zone was launched around 10 days ago there have been 10 actual topical questions posted as discussions. Here's some examples. I think they're actual questions rather ...
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Duplicate management of SO questions

Duplicates seem to be one of the bigger issues for me when looking for answers. Many people also seem to ask questions without first looking for duplicates (I appreciate the irony that someone will ...
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Attempting to retag a question redirects me to another question

As per this question, I went through and started retagging the questions with the "newbie" tag (the one that had fewer) to "new users". But when I try to click the tags box of this question, I am ...
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What are the exact conditions for the /questions/ask/advice ("interstitial") page to show to a user?

Ex. the page on Stack Overflow: What are the exact conditions for such pages to show to a user? On what sites? With what history/conditions of the user'...
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