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Why is this question "linked"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Questions not removed from “Linked” when comments are deleted Given if we look at the ...
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Further anonymize deleted accounts by changing the username in close/delete notices

When an account is deleted, the username in the user's posts and comments is changed to a generic user<userID>. But the username stays the same on close and delete notifications on posts the ...
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Difference in score between Linked and Related questions - is it caching, or a bug?

I was browsing this discussion (URL Shorteners cleanup) and noticed in the related posts lists the following difference in the score on a linked question (Let Me Flag That For You - URL Shortener ...
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Posts linked in deleted answers still show up under "Linked"

E.g. see here.
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Broken link in Linked Posts section

I'm trying out this new feature and I noticed in this question: One of the links ...
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How did this question get a 'linked' question that isn't mentioned in comments or answers?

Looking at which has been closed as a duplicate (quite right), we see three 'linked' ...
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How about linking "Sorry we are no longer accepting questions ..." message to FAQ?

How about linking the "Sorry we are no longer accepting questions ..." message to the appropriate FAQ question like this? Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because: Sorry, we are ...
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Deleted user's name shows on Area 51

On the new Weapons Proposal on Area 51, a deleted user proposed this. His name is still shown for "proposed by", but it should probably not show that... In addition his name is obscured here, on a ...
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Why doesn't this question have any linked questions?

The question in question: What rules govern forced removal from flights (due to overbooking)? There are two questions linked to in comments, but no linked questions are appearing in the sidebar. ...
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The link is gone, but the linked question still appears

Consider this question. On the right column, there is a “Linked” section which contains a single question. However, there is no link from the first question to the second one. There was once, in a ...
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Discrepancy between vote counts in Linked list and Related list [duplicate]

While viewing the question How does Santa protect himself from IP lawsuits?, I saw the "Linked" and "Related" questions lists. There is a duplicate question in both lists (which is apparently by ...
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