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How many moderators are there on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I'd like to know how many moderators are there on Stack Overflow? Are they available 24 x 7? May I know the moderators names (if possible)?
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How to determine if a user is a moderator or not? [duplicate]

I am just wondering that how do I know if a user is a moderator or not? Is there any flag or mark so, I can determine that is user moderator?
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"Diamond Moderator" vs "Moderator", are they the same? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role? I usually refer to the elected mods (and community/dev/etc mods) as just that, a "mod" or "moderator", but lately I've ...
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Is it possible for moderators to review more than the daily limited count? [duplicate]

W.K.T, any user(with more than 2k rep) can review 20 suggested edits per day. Today I saw the newly appointed moderator minitech reviewed more than 20. Is it possible for moderators to review more ...
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Are there moderators without a diamond? [duplicate]

I'm not so sure what moderators are, but I know they are separated from other users by a diamond. I thought moderators are employees but from time to time I see someone without a diamond near his name ...
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Moderators can close question without voting. Do they have too much power to restrict the discussion? [duplicate]

I saw that there are a lot of similar questions. But I noticed that only recently moderators started closing questions bypassing the usual voting, one moderator is enough to close it, like this one. ...
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What can an elected moderator do to my profile? [duplicate]

I discovered last week that an elected moderator can modify a user's name. The user had a username that was clearly meant to insult one particular elected moderator. This was discussed in chat, and ...
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Can a Valued Associate become Diamond Moderator without election? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role? I think, question title explains everything. I want to know that valued associates need to follow community rules to ...
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How does one become a moderator on one of the Trilogy sites? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role? I'm wondering how one becomes a moderator, say, on Super User. Is there a process? A certain number of reputation ...
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How do you get the title 'moderator'? [duplicate]

Why do some people with a lot of reputation have a diamond and 'moderator' next to their name. If it is to do with the amount of reputation then how much reputation do you need?
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Can a moderator close my question as duplicate? [duplicate]

I know a moderator of stackexchange sites has some special Privileges to close a question as off topic. For example ,the following question
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What abilities are moderators given? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are diamond moderators? Out of curiosity, is there a list somewhere of all the abilities that moderators have? For instance, I just found out here that mods can lock ...
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Can a moderator lose moderation? [duplicate]

Can a moderator lose moderation privileges? Is it permanent? I have seen a moderator who was last active like 2 years ago but he is still a moderator. I don't want to mention them but will they stay ...
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Site-only or Global Moderators? + Moderator privileges? [duplicate]

Out of curiosity, I'm just asking if a moderator is global or site-based. In other words, will a moderator only moderate a specific site or moderate all SE sites? And is there any privileges for ...
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Can a question be put on hold by a single person? [duplicate]

I am referring to this question As far as I know a question will be put on hold if the same gets 5 votes to close and after the question is put on hold user names are displayed like put on hold as ...
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