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is it a good practice for the same moderator to close reopened question?

Studying some recent MSO questions made me wonder if this is a good practice? Moderator closing a question twice. Second opinion? Why was this question on writing a system tray app closed as Not-...
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Do not understand why question was closed [closed]

This question was closed by casperOne as not constructive. I don't see why. Parenthetically I also don't see the five votes required to close a question. The stated criteria for being 'constructive' ...
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What super-powers does SE staff have, that diamond moderators do not have?

What super-powers do SE staff have, that diamond moderators do not? See also: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role? Differentiate between employees and moderators
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Are my deleted comments visible to others?

I have deleted my comments. Can other users see those deleted comments, for example users with a certain amount of reputation or moderators?
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What's the difference between a moderator and someone who has access to moderator tools? [duplicate]

Someone with 10,000 rep has access to the moderator tools. What's the difference between them and a moderator?
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Why can only moderators protect questions less than 1 day old?

From here: Who can protect and unprotect questions? Diamond moderators Users with at least 15,000 reputation, with the following restrictions: The question must be at least a day ...
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How much time do moderators spend on Stack Overflow?

Based on the amount of reputation they need to have, it seems like you'd have to spend a ton of time on Stack Overflow or get lucky on those "answers that keep on giving" to become a moderator (you ...
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What are the qualifications needed to participate in a moderator election?

What are the qualifications needed to participate in a moderator election? What badges are required? What is the minimum reputation required? What are the privileges needed? Do you need to have an ...
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Who are Stack Overflow Valued Associates?

I have seen "Stack Overflow Valued Associate" on many user profiles. What does it mean?
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What is the authority of moderators in defining the scope of a site?

Please read this as a neutral question. I'm asking and not trying to make a point. Though I'll start with a rant (for context)... I recently ran into a situation that I found quite disheartening on ...
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FAQ for Stack Exchange sites

Community FAQ For sites in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking ...
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Can the community use a scope different from that mentioned in the help-center?

Without mentioning the Stack Exchange site, can a site's community allow questions that are off-topic according to the help-center of that site? Or is there anything that enforces what is on-topic ...
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What are the requirements to be a moderator? [duplicate]

I'm new in this site. I want to know what the requirements are to become a moderator?
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What was the "invalid flag" flag? What was the "10k flag queue"? [duplicate]

Many older questions and answers here on Meta discuss or mention an "invalid flag" flag, often in the context of the "10k flag queue". However, right now, there's no such flag, and there's no such ...
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How to unflag a comment when it was flagged by mistake? [duplicate]

I recently made an "oops" when I flagged a valid comment as off-topic, when I had meant to flag the question as an off-topic question that should be migrated. Unfortunately, unlike upvotes, downvotes, ...
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