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How many moderators are there on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I'd like to know how many moderators are there on Stack Overflow? Are they available 24 x 7? May I know the moderators names (if possible)?
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How to determine if a user is a moderator or not? [duplicate]

I am just wondering that how do I know if a user is a moderator or not? Is there any flag or mark so, I can determine that is user moderator?
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"Diamond Moderator" vs "Moderator", are they the same? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role? I usually refer to the elected mods (and community/dev/etc mods) as just that, a "mod" or "moderator", but lately I've ...
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Is it possible for moderators to review more than the daily limited count? [duplicate]

W.K.T, any user(with more than 2k rep) can review 20 suggested edits per day. Today I saw the newly appointed moderator minitech reviewed more than 20. Is it possible for moderators to review more ...
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Are there moderators without a diamond? [duplicate]

I'm not so sure what moderators are, but I know they are separated from other users by a diamond. I thought moderators are employees but from time to time I see someone without a diamond near his name ...
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Moderators can close question without voting. Do they have too much power to restrict the discussion? [duplicate]

I saw that there are a lot of similar questions. But I noticed that only recently moderators started closing questions bypassing the usual voting, one moderator is enough to close it, like this one. ...
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What can an elected moderator do to my profile? [duplicate]

I discovered last week that an elected moderator can modify a user's name. The user had a username that was clearly meant to insult one particular elected moderator. This was discussed in chat, and ...
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Can a Valued Associate become Diamond Moderator without election? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role? I think, question title explains everything. I want to know that valued associates need to follow community rules to ...
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How does one become a moderator on one of the Trilogy sites? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role? I'm wondering how one becomes a moderator, say, on Super User. Is there a process? A certain number of reputation ...
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How do you get the title 'moderator'? [duplicate]

Why do some people with a lot of reputation have a diamond and 'moderator' next to their name. If it is to do with the amount of reputation then how much reputation do you need?
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Can a moderator close my question as duplicate? [duplicate]

I know a moderator of stackexchange sites has some special Privileges to close a question as off topic. For example ,the following question
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What abilities are moderators given? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are diamond moderators? Out of curiosity, is there a list somewhere of all the abilities that moderators have? For instance, I just found out here that mods can lock ...
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Can a moderator lose moderation? [duplicate]

Can a moderator lose moderation privileges? Is it permanent? I have seen a moderator who was last active like 2 years ago but he is still a moderator. I don't want to mention them but will they stay ...
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Site-only or Global Moderators? + Moderator privileges? [duplicate]

Out of curiosity, I'm just asking if a moderator is global or site-based. In other words, will a moderator only moderate a specific site or moderate all SE sites? And is there any privileges for ...
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Can a question be put on hold by a single person? [duplicate]

I am referring to this question As far as I know a question will be put on hold if the same gets 5 votes to close and after the question is put on hold user names are displayed like put on hold as ...
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Modifying comments long after 5 minute deadline [duplicate]

I just flagged 3 comments. One got deleted, one - to the best of my memory - got modified to something I'd be less inclined to flag. Modification happened 4 days after the comment was written. Can ...
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What information about users does SE software enable site moderators to see? [duplicate]

How does the SE software protect community user privacy specifically wrt site moderators? For instance, are moderators provided user account information beyond what is posted in user network profiles? ...
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Why is SE removing links and community ads about a legal fund campaign?

Stack Exchange staff will actively remove links to a legal fund campaign from user profiles, posts, and comments, as well as community ads surrounding Monica's situation and reinstatement. Why? [This ...
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What are "Community Wiki" posts?

Some questions and answers are marked Community Wiki and are owned by a community wiki user: (In fact, this very question is one of them) Why have Community Wiki posts? How do Community Wiki posts ...
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How does the bounty system work?

It's possible to offer and award bounties of reputation on questions. What is a bounty? How can I find questions that have a bounty attached? How do I start a bounty? When can I start a bounty? Why ...
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Please Join Us in Welcoming Our New Meta Stack Exchange Moderators!

We're really excited to announce the appointment of three new community moderators to Meta Stack Exchange! I know this might come as a really big surprise to some, and I can't wait to talk about it, ...
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How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? What are the criteria for deletion?

What circumstances can cause a question or answer to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? How can a post be deleted? When can't I delete my own post? Can I still see my post even after it's ...
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Could authors overturn recent community review decisions?

When new users edit a post, the review is posted to a review queue and other reputable users can review the edit and choose to approve or reject it. However, I feel that a lot of people do it pretty ...
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How does duplicate closing work? When is a question a duplicate, and how should duplicate questions be handled?

Questions can be closed as duplicates. When are two questions considered duplicates? Which question is the duplicate? It's a duplicate. What do I do? Should I edit the question? Should I answer it? ...
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Who is on the Community Management Team, and what does it do?

The members of the Community Management Team (sometimes referred to as the Community Team or CMs) are employees of Stack Exchange the company, but not all SE employees are Community Management Team ...
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Who is the Community user?

I see the Community user on the user page. It seems to edit posts sometimes. What is it? And why has it downvoted over 1800 times? See also: What are “Community Wiki” posts? Return to FAQ Index
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What is a "closed" or "duplicate" question?

Questions can be closed or marked as duplicates. What does it mean for a question to be "closed"? What does it mean for a question to be marked as a "duplicate"? Who can close a ...
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There's an election going on. What's happening and how does it work?

The community bulletin says that there is a moderator election occurring. How does the election work and how can I get involved? Return to FAQ index
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Allow moderators to hide a revision

Sometimes users accidentally post credentials or sensitive information in their posts. Although it's easy to edit those post then, the revision list will still show that information. Deleting the ...
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What is a “protected” or "highly active" question?

Questions can be protected (i.e. marked "highly active"). What does it mean for a question to be protected? Why are some questions protected? Who can protect and unprotect questions? Who can answer a ...
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Block migration if user is suspended/question-blocked at destination

There's a sad little loophole in the suspension/question-block system: migrations. Example: Let's say you've been suspended on MSO, but you really, really want to post a question here now. All you ...
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Moderators should be able to undelete comments

Since recently moderators can see a list of deleted comments. There should be a possibility to undelete these comments as well, at least for a certain period of time. Sometimes moderators delete the ...
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Duplicate question etiquette: to delete or not to delete? [duplicate]

Let's say I'm a good Stack Overflow citizen: I have a question, I search on SO and on google to see if someone's asked the same thing, and I can't find anything that shows up, so I go ahead and post a ...
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What is a "locked" post?

On Stack Exchange, a post can sometimes be "locked": What does it mean to lock a post? Who can lock a post? When should a post be locked? Return to FAQ index
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What are tag synonyms and merged tags? How do they work?

What are tag synonyms? How can tag synonyms be distinguished from "real" tags? How are new tag synonyms created? Who can create tag synonyms? How can I delete/reverse/undo bad tag synonyms? What are ...
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What processes exist to issue formal warnings or remove moderators?

Feedback and questions about these processes are on this other post. This post lists two process by which formal complaints against moderators are handled by the Community Management Team. The ...
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Differentiate between employees and moderators [duplicate]

My understanding of who has diamonds: All moderators have diamonds on the sites they moderate and their respective meta Stack Exchange employees have diamonds everywhere they're needed Right now, ...
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Support for banners?

It would be very useful and possibly necessary on our site to have support for banners to apply on questions and answers. This would help the questions and answer to get proper attention and editing ...
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Is there a list of SE chat privileges, and the minimum reputation required for those privileges?

Is there a list of privileges that users have on any Stack Exchange chat rooms, and which lists the minimum reputation required for each privilege? If such list doesn't exist, what is the reputation ...
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Revising the criteria for moderator nominees

It is very easy to be a candidate in a moderator election. If we exclude the prerequisites to become a moderator on Stack Overflow and the necessary 1,000 rep for Mathematics, a nominee needs only ...
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Why was this perfectly legit question removed without any close votes?

This question here: Using Firefox, how can I monitor all JavaScript events that are fired? was deleted by @casperOne about 7 hours ago, without going through the normal close process or getting any ...
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Question closed without the opportunity to rephrase it

Here is my user experience I recently had a question closed on me without given the time to improve it. Like all developers, we will get stuck on an impediment that we can't solve, sometimes late ...
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What checks are in place to prevent high rep users and mods from abusing their privileges?

Since high rep users gain some pretty powerful privileges I wonder what checks and balances are in place to prevent them from abusing their privileges. I am not near these privileges on any SE site, ...
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Closing/Migrating question instructions/guidance [closed]

What does it mean to "close" a question? How/when can I vote to close questions? When should I vote to close questions? When should I not vote to close questions?
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What is the process regarding moderator inactivity removals?

As far as I'm aware, moderators can now only be removed voluntarily or for cause (following one of the two processes listed here), but prior to the publication of that post, there has also been a ...
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is it a good practice for the same moderator to close reopened question?

Studying some recent MSO questions made me wonder if this is a good practice? Moderator closing a question twice. Second opinion? Why was this question on writing a system tray app closed as Not-...
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Do not understand why question was closed [closed]

This question was closed by casperOne as not constructive. I don't see why. Parenthetically I also don't see the five votes required to close a question. The stated criteria for being 'constructive' ...
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What super-powers does SE staff have, that diamond moderators do not have?

What super-powers do SE staff have, that diamond moderators do not? See also: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role? Differentiate between employees and moderators
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Are my deleted comments visible to others?

I have deleted my comments. Can other users see those deleted comments, for example users with a certain amount of reputation or moderators?
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What's the difference between a moderator and someone who has access to moderator tools? [duplicate]

Someone with 10,000 rep has access to the moderator tools. What's the difference between them and a moderator?
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