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«modified 19 mins ago user» yet I can't see any modification done by the user [duplicate]

When looking at the Top Questions can see that in the question with the title "Include in Markup help information on how to resize images in a post" it says modified 19 mins ago 2.Hallac 1 ...
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Question says modified when no modification was done? [duplicate]

This post on increased frequency of urination in biology displays in the biology main page as shown below. As clearly seen, the post says modified by Good Gravy. However on opening the post, I could ...
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Explanations on username beside each question? [duplicate]

I was looking at the questions list in my profile page and I wonder why it says it has been modified by user Matthias, but opening the question I see no reference to that user: Tutorial to implement ...
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Modified text appears to expose voting behavior [duplicate]

Perhaps the circumstances are too specific for this to be a problem but I just noticed that you can tell how the last person to modify a post* voted if: They did not ask, answer, or edit the question ...
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Last activity might refer to author of deleted answer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Incorrect last activity user Here's a question I made (I'm a dumbo I know) SQL server date error Anyway, some questions show user "Xxx" as the last activity on the question, ...
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Phantom activity on question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Incorrect last activity user As of right now, this question does not appear to have any answers, comments, etc. This is somewhat normal for questions I ask. However, when I ...
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Modified bug in questions [duplicate]

So in a question there is this "Modified" field when viewing from the main site. So if I edit a post or answer the question, it will say "Modified X mins ago UniKitty rep". So this question had one of ...
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How is this user causing activity? [closed]

Sorry for the vague title, I wasn't sure how to ask this question. There are two active questions on the main page as I write this that have activity attributed to the user m1ndw0rk: Auto sort for ...
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Please filter out modified posts that a low reputation user cannot see from the questions search report

I wanted to ask why I am being informed that a post was modified when I cannot see any modifications to that post, but I found the answer to that question in these two posts: Question says modified ...
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Inconsistent view of featured question

Below is three parts of three screenshots of the Salesforce Stack Exchange site, taken in rapid succession. One of them says that the question was edited 4 hours ago, by someone not being the ...
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When an answer is deleted change person listed as last modifier

When an answer has been deleted the information on unanswered question tabs still says that users modification was the last to the thread. For instance on Stack Overflow right now the top two ...
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Possible bug in last activity display

Go to the view where the questions with most activity and interest in this month are displayed. At the bottom right corner of every question it shows something like: 2h ago User Name I assume this ...
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