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What triggers the "possible rollback war" flag? [duplicate]

Just saw this one for the first time: 1 × rollback war (for this question's revisions) Its obvious what this flag means (multiple rollbacks have occurred, possibly by different users), but what ...
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Heuristics for detecting a bad answer?

A lot of bad answers are slipping through the cracks on Stack Overflow. You can see some examples at Thanks a lot for this post ... and other first time user curiosities I've been paging through ...
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Stop Edit/Rollback Wars: Limit Number Of Edits/Rollbacks Per User Per Post Per Day

I came up with an idea for how to begin putting an end to the edit/rollback wars and then the ensuing comments battle... What if you are only allowed to edit a post (not the author) once a day. What ...
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User wildly erasing all his posts continuously even after we rollback [closed]

This (now deleted) user clearly wants his account deleted and everything he ever posted to vanish off of SO. He's non-stop erasing the contents of his questions, even after we rollback. It's getting ...
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Vote to emergency suspend for three 5k+ or 10k+ users?

There was a case a few days back of a user going crazy and starting edit wars in all of his 42 questions, resulting in 50-100 new revisions per question. It being the weekend, it took 1-2 hours until ...
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How to stop someone from constantly trying to reapply a "bad" edit?

There is this guy trying repeatedly to edit my post (OK, three times, so far). I disagree with the edit and do a rollback each time (which I think/hope is my privilege as the author). Is there any ...
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Deleting My Own Questions By Using Edit

I am aware that this type of question has been asked before. However, my question is probably slightly different from what other people have asked. I have a question that I posted that has an answer ...
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What should a 10k user do with a rollback war flag? [closed]

I have just had an auto rollback war flag come through the 10k queue. However, as theres no "real" rollback war flag I'm basically left going "well thats nice" and moving on. As far as I can see all I ...
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The Cleanup badge is awarded for bad behaviour

On Stack Exchange sites, being able to edit a post requires a certain amount of reputation points (depending on the site and the kind of post). Users below the reputation threshold can only submit ...
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User keeps rollbacking correct edits

I do a lot of edits on question when I think I can improve them significantly (I hate minor edits). But I got a user who doesn't seem to understant the edit policy on SO and he keeps rollbacking my ...
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How to avoid Edit-Wars?

In the last time I've been doing cleanup and my 'normal' retagging and editing on SO and SU, but sometimes I run into someone who's rolling back my changes. For example this question on SU, I removed ...
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How are privilege abuses after quick rep gain by new users being avoided?

Bob, on his first day, asks a question on a site, and it goes viral. It gets lots of upvotes. Reasons of virality can be some update in a new tool or it can be a common query like Why is processing a ...
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Another user updated the code snippet on my answer & it's incorrect/introduced an error. What's my course of action?

Another user updated the code snippet on my answer & it's incorrect/introduced an error. What's my course of action? I can't seem to send them a message, so do I have to manually fix their edit? ...
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What if the OP rejects my suggested edit even if he/she uses the wrong tags in the question?

I came across this question in which unnecessary tags were used. So I suggested an edit to remove them; the OP rejected the suggestion, maybe he/she thought it was wrong. And he/she did this the ...
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