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Search within Favorites [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Search in favorited question? The favorite feature on SO is right now a bit useless, at least to me. I have 8 Pages of favorites, and sometimes I just remember "Hey, I ...
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Can more of the functionality of the old envelope be added to the new drop-down menu?

Buried deep in the now deleted Eeeek post, I had a well-hidden feature-request. Grace Note encouraged me to make it a real feature-request, so here it is. The new drop-down menu is nice, but some ...
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Adding a note to a favourite

I quite often add a question as a favourite when there is something of interest to me in it or its answers. Looking back through my favourites, I cannot remember why I added some of them as a ...
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Enable following questions locked with historical lock

Following questions locked with the historical lock is currently not possible. Since the historical lock is not set in stone, and it can be removed at any time, there is no reason to prevent following/...
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All (or some) of my bookmarks or saved posts seem to have disappeared! What happened?

Something seems to have happened with my bookmarked questions or saved posts! I just loaded my list of bookmarked questions today, and saw that the list is empty! When I go to a question I know I've ...
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How can I query SEDE for Favorites tagged with <foo>

Since we currently don't have a way to search our favorites, I built a SEDE Query to List of Favorites for a UserId that are Tagged with TagName. The query takes two inputs: UserId (int) TagName (...
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Possible to favorite questions to a particular section? [duplicate]

I want to mark a question as favorite so I can save it and see it later, but I'm wondering if I can organize my favorite questions and keep them under different headings. For example, I want a "...
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Keep a collection of questions I'm interested in [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do favorite questions work? Browsing around these sites I've stumbled upon questions that I found specially interesting (questions that I'd like to go back and try my hand ...
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Categorize Stack Overflow favorite questions [duplicate]

There is a long list of "Favorite Questions" in my Stack Overflow account. I think there should be some functionality to categorize questions according to their relevance, like: JavaScript and its ...
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Categorising favourite questions [duplicate]

When I favourite a question, it may be for a number of reasons. For example: One or more answers were (very) helpful, and I would like to reference them later. It may be an interesting read/answer, ...
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Introducing the possibility of creating folders in favorites section [duplicate]

I tried to see if it is possible to create folders in the section of favorites, to organise the related question in different topics. Personally I have saved different questions because I still can't ...
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Is there a way to group favorited questions or search among them per topic? [duplicate]

On Stack Overflow, after you star (or favorite) many questions, it becomes difficult to search among them to find an old question you starred. Is there a way to search among them per topic? Would not ...
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List of downvoted posts that have changed

In this post, it was asked how one can list the posts that one has downvoted but has since been edited. Specifically the question was asked if this can be done using the data explorer. The answer ...
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Allow title aliases for our favorite posts

I've noticed there have been requests to 'favourite' specific answers before. However, it'd be great if we could rename the title of posts we have favourited so that it's easier to find what we're ...
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Organise Favourite Questions by Tag [duplicate]

I've been a SO member for awhile now and have amassed quite a few questions I have favourited for future reference. It would be nice if I could organise them in a manner other than the simple options ...
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