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Disappointing response from a moderator [duplicate]

I have down-voted an answer and left a comment asking the user to add more details to his answer. I always tend to leave a comment when I down-vote a question/answer to explain the reason of my action....
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Encouraging people to explain downvotes

Note: If you're looking for a simple explanation as to why comments aren't required on downvotes, see Why isn't providing feedback mandatory on downvotes, and why are ideas suggesting such ...
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Top user's answer victim of Reddit mob behavior [closed]

I don't know Hans Passant, but he's the 5th highest rep user on SO, and I'm sure that's no fluke. He clearly is very active and knows what he's talking about. His answer to the question at VB.NET - ...
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Why do users feel the need to notify each other [+1] when they upvote a question or answer?

Why do people usually notify the user that they have upvoted their question or answer by adding "+1" to their comment? Is this really necessary? I recently left a very positive comment on a question ...
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Some Ways To Promote Down-Voting

Often times I see that people won't down vote "bad" responses/answers because they don't want to consistently lose rep. Sure, it's only -1 point per down-vote, but do this 3 - 5 or so times a day, ...
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Towards Preventing "Pity Up Votes"

Downvoting costs you, not much, but it does cost you. There are discussions to increase the cost of a downvote on the issuer, I'm wondering if the same should be done for upvotes as well. I probably ...
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Should downvotes be made... less worthless?

Jeff asks Should the weight of downvotes be increased? and I think the value of downvotes is too low, especially given the "pity upvote" problem, which is very real. But there's another problem. Most ...
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If many comments are deleted by flagging, then show them as deleted for some time?

I do not know if many comments are actually flagged and deleted. But if many are deleted due to flagging, then what about showing those using some strikethrough and an explanatory tooltip for (say) ...
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Base the "Please consider adding a comment ..." popup on maximum SE reputation

When downvoting an answer on Super User, I got the "Please consider adding a comment if you think this post can be improved." pop-up. Apparently, the message is based on my Super User reputation (215)...
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Have downvotes cost more, to be refunded when a comment on that question/answer gets an upvote

This is an idea I have seen around, but I have not seen a feature request for it, so here it is. Downvotes that have no comments are frustrating and difficult to manage. This is a way to help ...
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Anonymously (in both ways) requesting for a comment from the user who has voted-down an answer [duplicate]

This could be a privilege to be given after some amount of reputation. Consider accordingly. When a user receives a down-vote, without having laid a comment for the reason why, that user -right now- ...
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