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My edit on a post was rejected then approved - should I have just commented on it?

This is concerning I made an edit to Luchian Grigore's answer to fix some Java syntax errors. I personally tested my edits and double checked them ...
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There should be a way to gain a little reputation for newbies [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Best way to earn rep when unable to answer quickly I have been getting a lot of help from reading the stack overflow answers to android/java questions. My issue is that the ...
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Struggling to gain rep 'points' and unable to actually help the community [duplicate]

I'm trying to gain rep by adding to questions. Most of the questions I see have already been answered but adding to them as a comment would make the most sense as it's another added help. Also, ...
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Increased Daily Limits With Increased Reputation

It appears that the more accepted moderator flags you raise, the more moderator flags you are allowed to raise each day, so could other activities be made consistent with this? For example: Could ...
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Do I get notified if one of my suggested edits is approved?

I found this informative question but it doesn't mention if I get notified when an edit is accepted.
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Information about Suggested Edits completely missing from FAQs and privileges pages

When the SE team implemented the Suggested Edits feature, they did not update the documentation to reflect the changes made. Currently, no info is available outside of MSO. The FAQs does not mention ...
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Unable to edit questions with valid but small changes [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Remove trivial edit restriction Editing a question takes effect if more than 6 non-space characters are changed. But I had found many times that people leave signatures at the ...
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There's an extra separator in the navigation bar in SO?

Why there are 2 separators between tools and chat? the view-source shows: <span id="hlinks-nav"> <a href="/users/logout">log out</a> <span ...
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About edit summary and edit limitation of minimum characters

I can edit my own posts successfully, without including an edit summary, and the edit limitation of minimum characters does not take effect. Are users who have the direct edit privilege (2000+ rep) ...
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How do I associate an edit I made anonymously with my newly created user account?

So I made an edit to an answer on History Stack Exchange. After saving, the site encouraged me to create a user account, which I immediately did. But the original edit I made is still anonymous, and ...
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This suggestion still needs 1 approval vote from other reviewers. But I have edit rights?

I was reviewing a edit from a 600 rep user, and found it good to approve. However when I approved it I got the message "This suggestion still needs 1 approval vote from other reviewers" while I have ...
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How is a new beginner meant to grow on one of the Stack Exchange communities [duplicate]

I am new to Stack Exchange and I think it's very impressive. One thing bothers me is that because it is so far down the line, I don't think beginners stand a chance of growing. As time goes on, ...
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What is the maximum number of edits that can be rejected per day?

While trying to submit an edit, I received the following error message: Too many of your edits were rejected, try again in 7 days. And now I'm wondering, how many of my edit suggestions can be ...
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Could a list of pending suggested edits be added upon reaching 5k or 7.5k rep? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why set the bar so high for viewing 'suggested edits' review tab? Until today, I had never approved a suggested edit before. But I just did. I totally thought this was a bug. I ...
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Can we add some padding in the linked questions page?

If a post has a huge number of linked questions, we can able to see a link as see more linked questions... in the "Linked" section. When clicking on the "see more linked questions" link, the results ...
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