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Suggested Edit didn't award 2 reputation points

This is not a duplicate question, please read first what occurred. I just did editing on this question, and it was approved by four users. My reputation was 93 before the suggested edit. After ...
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I edited a new person's question and a user called Community accepted my edit? [duplicate]

This user Is a moderator with this description: Hi, I'm not really a person. I'm a background process that helps keep this site clean! I do things ...
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Looks like voluntarily in Vote up/down system [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What if I want to reverse my vote? With my reputation I can just vote up, not vote down. By mistake I did vote up for some answer, after that I am not able to vote it down, or ...
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Changes to a suggested edit between approvals/rejections should reset any votes on it

On smaller sites it is possible for suggested edits to sit in the review queues for very long, so there is scope for manipulating the suggested edits after only one review has come in but before it ...
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Automatically remove audits failed often

A lot of the proposed solutions to bad review audits require extra work, are too ambiguous, don't work in certain review types, or are impossible to implement at scale. I have a solution I believe ...
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Give the ability to only edit tags for a question without the editing post (Body)

Question edit problem when I am only editing tags Recently I tried to add a tag for a question, but it gave the error Edits must be at least 6 characters; is there something else to improve in this ...
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Community background process reviews approval policy

Which is the policy adopted by Community background process regarding to the reviews approval? I do not understand why a review I made on spelling and code formatting has been rejected.
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Empty suggested edit by an anonymous user [duplicate]

I just got an empty suggested edit by an anonymous user in the "Suggested edits" review queue: The edit shows no change in the Markdown or in the rendered output of the post. This can also ...
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Explanation of edit rejection for Python slicing answer [closed]

Can anyone explain why 3 of 4 reviewers rejected this Python edit? The edit is correct and I believe the additional example adds value by making the answer more complete. Adding the example as a ...
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How to ask for further clarification when I can’t comment [duplicate]

How to ask further clarification, or to point out that the answer shown, even if once correct, is not correct anymore? I can’t comment as I don’t have 50 reputation.
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The review privilege isn't mentioned on the edit privilege description page

I just learned that the review privilege is attached to the Edit questions and answers privilege (rep >= 2000): All users with the Edit privilege may vote on suggested edits to posts. This ...
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Should I approve or reject a pending edit that duplicates another edit?

Imagine this scenario (this has happened to me, but I can't find any examples ATM): I come across a post that needs editing, for whatever reason, and make necessary changes to it. After submitting ...
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Edit post not working [duplicate]

When I am going to any questions on Stack Overflow, that time edit button is appearing as disable. I can't click on it because there is no link of editing. Can you please help me what is the problem?
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You can propose six Tag Wiki edits

According to How do suggested edits work? you can propose five edits at one time: When can I not suggest an edit? You have 5 suggested edits pending (20 on beta sites). Wait for one of them to be ...
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Why did I lose 2 reputation? [duplicate]

I know it's not anything but I just want to know how I lost that. So what happened was I had 932. But now I have 930. I checked my reputation log for today but there wasn't anything on downvotes. I ...
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