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Community passing edits early with mod powers [duplicate]

I noticed today, after suggesting an edit on SO, that one user reviewed it, yet it got passed. After looking a little closer I noticed that user had edited my edit, causing Community to approve it. ...
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How does improving a "suggested-edit" work?

This question kind of proceeds from a comment I made on another thread yesterday. At the time I commented I had just been blocked from editing but I hadn't explored the functionality further. I have ...
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Suggested edits broken?

In this question the OP (25 rep) made an edit to my answer. It showed up instantly. This can't be right, can it? However, there was a notification in my inbox that told me an edit was suggested. The ...
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Effective and simple way to get the necessary reputation to upvote good answers? [duplicate]

I'm tired of lurking. Every question I can think of, I've been able to answer with diligent enough searching. I want to thank good answers, upvote good responses, and offer valuable feedback. Any ...
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Consecutive _good_ suggested edits on the same post by the same user [duplicate]

Is it okay for one user to suggest multiple consecutive edits? Assuming: Both (or all) of the edits are good suggestions. They were all suggested within a short enough time period that the first edit ...
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"Suggested edit queue is full" without pending edits? [duplicate]

I had this problem for some days that I can't edit any questions or answers anymore. Every time I click on "Edit" I'm getting "Suggested edit queue is full". Judging by this ...
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Add all edit-related privileges to the /privileges page

According to the suggested edit FAQ, there are a number of reputation levels that are important for suggested edits. 1-1999 rep (anonymous user): suggest edits for any post more than ten minutes old ...
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Should "Edits must be at least 6 characters" apply to edits that affect only code? [duplicate]

Often code mistakes are only 1-3 characters but completely invalidate the code if uncorrected. Are the reasons for this restriction in regular edits documented and well known? Do these reasons apply ...
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The FAQ is unclear about the grace period for suggested edits

The main FAQ for editing explains how their grace period works: Grace period In order to prevent a series of tiny edits from showing up in the revision history, a single user who edits a post is ...
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The way suggested edits are handled in questions seems oddly inefficient [duplicate]

I recently visited a question with unformatted code. Before I could format it however, a low-rep user made an edit that was basically what I was going to do. Here's the problem: I'm now not given the ...
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Post edits bug: Not saving changes

I happened to me too many times. I edit a post, usually questions, I add the description of the changes, and then I press to Save to suggest the edit, but it acts the same as I pressed to cancel. ...
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When does the suggested edit review count appear?

So now that I surpassed the 2000 mark, I randomly get this suggested edit review count (16) to the right of my badges, to the left of review, but not always. When does it appear? When does it ...
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Reputation has freezed for quite some time [duplicate]

It seems my reputation is not increasing even after I did some edits on some questions and answers recently. I don't see any increase in my reputation even after the edits that were proposed and ...
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How to find all my edited questions/answers which are in pending approval(Queue)? [duplicate]

I have edited someone's question in As I don't have enough reputation to edit a question/answer with out approval, my edit has been in queue for waiting approval. I closed that tab ...
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