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How peer carries out his responsibilities [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do suggested edits work? Just recently, I have edited a question and got a message saying that once your peer will approve it, it will be posted.But I would like to know ...
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Why are other users allowed to approve third party edits? [duplicate]

A while back I answered a question and another user recently made a factually incorrect edit to my answer. The edit was approved by a third user, and my post was altered. I was able to reject the edit,...
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What is the privilege point required to edit questions [duplicate]

One of my friends has 1 reputation and 1 bronze badge. He has tried to increase his reputation by suggesting edits to questions and answers. But his edits are not reviewed. Why? Or what are the ...
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Does Edit A Post give reputation after edit privilege [duplicate]

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Edit under 1000 repo [duplicate]

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Community user rejecting edit and a another user performing the edit [duplicate]

I know this question has appeared several times, but as I do not find a proper explanation I want to show my case: I suggested an edit on tag alias excerpt because there was a typo. The edit was ...
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Reputation not getting added after awarded Copy Editor badge [duplicate]

Yesterday, I was awarded the golden badge Copy Editor in Stack Overflow. After it, I edited some more posts but even they were accepted by the user, I didn't get any reputations. Today for one of my ...
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How can I re-enable the edit link? [duplicate]

I had some bad edits on some questions or answers, and now the edit link for editing other's posts is disabled. What can I do to re-enable it?
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Cannot (suggest) edit question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do suggested edits work? Temporary loss of permission to edit - what are the triggers for this permission to be suspended? I always used to be able to suggest edits, but ...
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Regain removed Suggested-edit privilege [duplicate]

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Reviewing "Suggested Edits" with less than 2000 points? [duplicate]

When I look at the review queue for "Suggested Edits", it tells me that You need at least 2k reputation to review Suggested Edits. But I saw a user with 300-400 reputation reviewed Suggested ...
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Where to see suggested edits [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do suggested edits work? Where can I see suggested edits of other users? Is there a place where all suggested edits (that are yet to approve) listed ?
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Bad edit approval [duplicate]

An edit on Ask Different was approved, but how? The Approval page currently shows two rejects and only one approval. (It does not help that the two rejects are by top users on the site and the ...
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Cannot edit while edits pending [duplicate]

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