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Bad edit approval [duplicate]

An edit on Ask Different was approved, but how? The Approval page currently shows two rejects and only one approval. (It does not help that the two rejects are by top users on the site and the ...
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Let's check in on Sparkles the Unicorn!

After two eventful years, Sparkles the Unicorn is determined to spend this year's holidays relaxing at home. I bet she'd love to see her friends. Why don't you /visit-sparkles and see how she's doing? ...
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Why are approved edit suggestions worth reputation?

I'm not against it at all. I like it. I'm just curious what the rationale is/was. Of course I agree that good edits are good and that good things should be incentivized, but why with rep? The help ...
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For edit-suggestors with a streak of N approvals, only require one approval for their next suggested edit

Proposal: If a <2k user's past N suggested edits are all approved ("good edit streak"), make their following suggested edits only require one approval. For rejections, I can't think of a ...
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What happens to edits approved by a user when the user is removed?

I've just had a -2 rep adjustment because a "user was removed" which, I assume, comes from one of my suggested edits being approved by them. Now the user's account is no more does my edit ...
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I can't fix a typo in an answer to my question [duplicate]

There is an answer to my question in which the user typed recovation. I can't change it to revocation because of limits of Stack Exchange. Why do we need those limits???
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A[n] [In]complete Character-Limiting Guide to Stack Exchange

The Stack Exchange network user interface has a lot of forms, and subsequently, inputs with various character limits in place. Some of them are notorious (such as custom moderator flag character limit ...
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Reviewer workflow is confusing to OP approving suggested edits to their post

When an OP approves a suggested edit, the following message is displayed: The message "...continue reviewing suggested edits" is confusing because it pertains to a reviewer, someone with ...
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"Suggested edit queue is full" without pending edits? [duplicate]

I had this problem for some days that I can't edit any questions or answers anymore. Every time I click on "Edit" I'm getting "Suggested edit queue is full". Judging by this ...
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Is the rule "Edits must be at least 6 characters" still in place? [duplicate]

I found a post that is being bumped by the OP (so far 4 times in the last 30 days) by doing meaningless edits: deleting 1 character / adding 1 character. I think that the system has a rule to prevent ...
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Consecutive _good_ suggested edits on the same post by the same user [duplicate]

Is it okay for one user to suggest multiple consecutive edits? Assuming: Both (or all) of the edits are good suggestions. They were all suggested within a short enough time period that the first edit ...
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How are spammers rate limited?

Question: Are there some additional limits for users who had some of their posts marked as spam (or rude/offensive)? Typically, an account posting spam is a new user, with reputation 1. (Meaning that ...
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Changing the question reopening experience

Now that the Public Platform team is actively working on updating review queue workflows, it’s time we address the feedback and feature requests related to the question reopening experience. How it ...
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When do you gain tag wiki edit suggestion privileges? [duplicate]

Empirically it seems that I just gained tag wiki edit suggestion privileges (ability to add a suggestion to the review queue, not to get my changes approved without peer review) in Stack Overflow when ...
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How do you become a "Trusted Community Member"? [duplicate]

When I submit a suggested edit, a notice would say that my edit "Won't be viewable to other people until it is approved by trusted community members" (sorry if I did a quotation mistake), ...
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