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Some minor edits (few characters) are sometimes major edits because of different meanings. How to deal with them? [duplicate]

A question might talk about Latin-based languages, and refer to them as Romantic languages. From the context, and the capitalized "R", it is clear that they meant to say Romanic languages, as in ...
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Should "Edits must be at least 6 characters" apply to edits that affect only code? [duplicate]

Often code mistakes are only 1-3 characters but completely invalidate the code if uncorrected. Are the reasons for this restriction in regular edits documented and well known? Do these reasons apply ...
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The way suggested edits are handled in questions seems oddly inefficient [duplicate]

I recently visited a question with unformatted code. Before I could format it however, a low-rep user made an edit that was basically what I was going to do. Here's the problem: I'm now not given the ...
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Why does my counter of "posts edited" not increase? [duplicate]

I have my account on Stack Overflow, usually edit posts occasionally and noticed that my counter increased for each post he accepted my edit. Recently I have noticed that my counter does not ...
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Reputation has freezed for quite some time [duplicate]

It seems my reputation is not increasing even after I did some edits on some questions and answers recently. I don't see any increase in my reputation even after the edits that were proposed and ...
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How to find all my edited questions/answers which are in pending approval(Queue)? [duplicate]

I have edited someone's question in As I don't have enough reputation to edit a question/answer with out approval, my edit has been in queue for waiting approval. I closed that tab ...
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How can 'community' edit posts? [duplicate]

I stumbled upon this answer, it has an edit by 'Community ♦'. This was changed (bold is added): You access the the property in the wrong way. But Community ♦, is a background process right, at ...
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When does the suggested edit review count appear?

So now that I surpassed the 2000 mark, I randomly get this suggested edit review count (16) to the right of my badges, to the left of review, but not always. When does it appear? When does it ...
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Why did I lose 2 reputation? [duplicate]

I know it's not anything but I just want to know how I lost that. So what happened was I had 932. But now I have 930. I checked my reputation log for today but there wasn't anything on downvotes. I ...
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Multiple edits without any changes [duplicate]

could someone please help me out, why these guys get edits for a change that was done by me: where nothing was changed? (mhitza) where only my changes were accepted? (psxls) Please don't get me ...
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Improving suggested edit does not require 2 approvals? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do suggested edits work? I was reviewing an edit and had rejected the edit because it changed too much, and the suggester added "thanks in advance". After hitting reject, ...
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When I edit a post in Stack Overflow, who reviews that for its verification? [duplicate]

When I edit a post in stack communities such as Stack Overflow, I am encountered with the following text: Thanks for your edit! This edit will be visible only to you until it is peer-reviewed. My ...
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What does "Edit" mean in the review section of 'Suggested edit'? [duplicate]

I got an edit suggestion approved recently. I usually check the review results to see if something could have been done better and I found that one of the result was "Edit" (instead of the usual ...
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Why can't I review suggested edits on beta site but lower-rep users can? [duplicate]

I currently have the second-highest rep on Law.SE, which just went public beta. The Suggested Edits Review Queue says, "You need at least 1k reputation to review suggested edits." Presently only one ...
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How to approve/reject other user edited answer/question? [duplicate]

When I edit some one question/answer then other user see this edit & they have right to approve/reject my edited review. I also want approve/reject other user edited review. How can do this? Is ...
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