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Is there a Stack Exchange site for Law Questions? If not, why not? [duplicate]

I think a Legal Stack Overflow would be an excellent resource. Why doesn't such a thing exist? If it doesn't, I'd like to create one.
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Can we get a [duplicate]

Or better yet: to test against? ETA: is a much better name, and better encapsulates my idea. Thanks dbr.
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Can you add a math related site to the "Trilogy"? [duplicate]

A SO style site for math questions seems like it would do well. It would be a helpful place for questions like this one about the probability of rolling a certain dice combination. Is there any ...
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What Stack Exchange site should be used for miscellaneous questions, if there is no site for that topic? [duplicate]

If some question is of some rare topic, and no Stack Exchange site has this topic, is there some special Stack Exchange site meant for such rare "Misc" questions, like ...
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Why is there no community dedicated to atheism on Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

I mean there are tons of religious communities on Stack Exchange like Biblical Hermeneutics, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam etc. Why not a community for atheism, where every religion and its practices can ...
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Would it be possible to create a site on climate change? [duplicate]

As climate change is a hot topic in the scientific community nowadays, with broader and broader subtopics, I thought it could be interesting to introduce a Stack Exchange on Climate Change. What do ...
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Need a Stack Exchange site for discussion about Hinduism [duplicate]

I think in this network (Stack Exchange) there should be a site for Q&A about Hinduism! I saw two pages for Christianity and Islam. Hinduism is the third largest religion and having 115cr+ ...
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Would it be possible to have a w3c community? - [duplicate]

I was just at a W3C meeting last night and realized that a Stack Exchange community might just be the type of community that this standards body needs. How do the other community sites (English ...
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Why doesn't there exist a section about Korean dramas or Asian dramas on Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

While I have seen all sites from Stack Exchange, I was wondering why there are no sites about Korean/Asian dramas? First, I checked in these sites: Anime & Manga and Movies & TV And I thought ...
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Interior design Stack Exchange site [duplicate]

I am wondering if there are any people out there also wondering why there isn't any Stack Exchange website for interior designers. The DIY is more DIY contracting-based and is for technical-driven ...
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Criteria for subdomains for sites [duplicate]

Based on what list of criteria or requirements does create a subdomain site? For example, they have & so on I'm curious to ...
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Corona StackExchange [duplicate]

Now that the world is locked up there are questions all over the Internet, but i could not find one single spot for answer threads. This is not only medical but also questions on how to organize ...
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Why isn't there a Business Intelligence site? [duplicate]

Reports are back in the market! Business Intelligence is gaining market traction with products from Microsoft SSIS/SSRS, Oracle OBIEE, Microstrategy to QlikView. Having a dedicated Q&A site for it ...
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Should there be a colorimetry site? [duplicate]

I wonder where to place question specific to the mathematics of colors (aka "colorimetry"). Some people at the photography site think such questions don't fit there. If so where should they be asked? ...
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How to propose a new site on Area 51 [duplicate]

I created an account on area 51 for a new proposal. But after I created and verified my account there is no option for propose a new site? Do we need more reputations to make proposals. How could i ...
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