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Display title of question rather than its URL when posting internal links in comments [duplicate]

Ok, this is a really simple one and will be well worth doing IMHO. When you put a link in a comment you get something like this: Pretty similar (if not dupe) to
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Automatic titles for SO links in comments [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Replace links with the current question title in comments When I paste a link to an SO question into a comment, the resulting link title doesn't automatically change to the ...
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Make links to other questions display better in comments [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Replace links with the current question title in comments Often I type a comment like “see also …” with a link to another question on the same site. The link is not formatted ...
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Is there a reason not to enable replacing internal SE URL text on comments with the page linked to? [duplicate]

On Super User, I looked for a Linux proportional font terminal, and found OS X or X11 terminal emulator supporting proportional fonts, in which the accepted answer suggested a Mac port of Emacs, but ...
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Why aren't links in comments replaced with the name of the question? [duplicate]

When I post the link to a Stack Overflow question in this question, the name of the link is converted to the title of the question: Get all possible matches for regex (in python)? When I post the ...
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Render question title on internal link in comment [duplicate]

EDIT: totally agree with the duplicate. Sorry for taking your time: I did search for 10 minutes before posting this. Cheers. When I link to another question from a question or answer, the rendered ...
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Why is the auto-replace for on-site question-links with the respective question-title only enabled in posts but not in comments? [duplicate]

When you paste an url in a question or answer (i.e. a post), its link text is automatically replaced with the title of linked-to question, like so: Replace trilogy raw links with the current question ...
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Automatically add question title when link is pasted in a comment [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Replace links with the current question title in comments When a link to a question is pasted into another question, like so:
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Links to Stack Exchange questions should behave the same in comments as in posts [duplicate]

Links inside answers to other pages on Stack Exchange sites get automatically converted, but they don't get converted inside comments. I'd like to request that they get converted in comments, too. ...
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Auto add anchor text for links to Stack Overflow/Exchange sites [duplicate]

I think it would be useful if links to other Stack Overflow (and possibly Exchange network) questions and answers automatically had anchor text added to them, if the user doesn't add any themselves, ...
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Replace trilogy raw links with the current question title?

It often happens that people will refer to other questions by simply pasting the full link to this question, especially on Meta. Would it be a good idea to detect such links, and replace them ...
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Advanced Syntax Ideas

The one useful thing I was ever taught in HCI was always give advanced users "hidden" short cuts and features. Things a noob is not interested in but a power user can easily take advantage ...
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Replace links with page titles when referring to most linked sources (MSDN, Wikipedia, ...)

Both MSDN and Wikipedia are very referenced documentation resources. Would be possible to automatically replace not formated links, like:
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How can I stop the site from expanding an URL to the title of the post?

If there is a link to a Stack Exchange post from the same site, it is automatically expanded to the title. (Unless the post is deleted.) For example, renders ...
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Is there a process to reconsider a request that was status-declined four years ago? [duplicate]

I'm specifically interested in this request: Replace links with the current question title in comments The feature was declined by some guy who now works for the Dark Side and his answer got ...
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