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I attempt to write my edit summaries with the utmost care, but on occasion, I'll be moving to fix something else, and I'll end up with a messed up summary. I have found that if I re-edit within a ...
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Can't edit revision comments [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Unable to retroactively add edit summary during edit window I accidentally pressed enter while trying to type ' and submitted an edit with an incomplete comment. I tried ...
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Changes to edit summaries are turfed with no notice [duplicate]

Problem: Make edit Realize, later, that you should have added an edit summary and did not (or that you just want to change it). Add or change edit summary. Press 'Save Edits'. Edit summary is not ...
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Edit comments don't update [duplicate]

Find a post that needs editing. Edit the post and save your edits. Realize you forgot to describe the changes in the edit comments box. It just says something like "replaced xxx characters in body" ...
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Editing of revision's title is not applied [duplicate]

I edited a question and made a typo on the revision's title itself. When trying to edit this revision to fix this typo in the revision's title, the update is not applied when clicking on Save Edits ...
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Allow editing the edit summary [duplicate]

I just made an edit and saved it without giving it an edit summary. The default summary was added 24 characters in body I made another edit to the same post within 5 minutes, this time changing ...
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Can you add a summary after edit? [duplicate]

I just made an edit to a question I asked. Quite often I don't write summaries, but this time I felt that I should have added some explanation to the edit. Is there a way to add a summary afterwards? ...
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How can I add explanations to previous edits? [duplicate]

I made an edit to my post while leaving the "explain the reason for your edit" part empty. But now I want to add the reason without re-editing the question. Is there a way for this? Discussion : If ...
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Please save my edit summary when edited within grace period [duplicate]

Steps to reproduce: Edit the body of any post. Edit it again immediately, but only modify the edit summary. Check the revisions page. The original edit summary will be retained. A user has to edit ...
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Take most recent (or concatenate) edit comments when editing during grace period

Recently, I edited one of my answers to update a link to a better resource. I clicked "Save" without entering a description of the edit (edit #1). Then I realised that the question was asked by a new ...
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What happens to the edit comment on a ninja edit?

I have a habit of providing edit comments when I edit my own posts. (I probably comment less than half the time when I edit other people's.) Because it's a habit, I do it even for edits within the 5 ...
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Do not ask for an edit summary when it won't be displayed

An example for is if you Answer, and then go back to edit your answer within the first grace period. In such cases, the edit summary is never displayed, so why provide a box for it?
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