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I registered my Stack Overflow account using the Stack Exchange OpenID provider. I later changed my e-mail, but I cannot change the e-mail address associated with my OpenID for some reason. Why is ...
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My OpenID provider is shutting down; how do I change my Stack Exchange login? [duplicate]

Sometimes OpenID providers end their services, like GetOpenID and MyOpenID did. How do I add or remove login methods so I don't get locked out of my Stack Exchange account? For more information, ...
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How can I change my Stack Exchange login email? [duplicate]

I have already changed my email via one of Stack Exchange's sites, and it has been changed on all other sites as well. However, I can only log in with my old email address. I don't use any third-...
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Switch Stack Overflow account from Google login to Stack Exchange login [duplicate]

Right now I have an account on Stack Overflow that was created automatically when I logged in using my Google account. The point is, what happens if I lose access to my Google account? It seemed ...
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How do I remove an OpenID or login? [duplicate]

How do I remove login credentials (emails or OpenIDs) from my account? For more information, see "How do I add or move login credentials from my account?" in the Help Center. Return to FAQ Index
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How can I add a Stack Exchange login to my preexisting account? [duplicate]

When I created my account, I used Facebook Connect as my only login type and I can only log in to my account using it. I wish to create a Stack Exchange login to be able to log in with instead of ...
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Yahoo China account will shut down soon. How can I change it? [duplicate]

I am using China YahooID as my Stack Overflow OpenID. Unfortunately, China Yahoo email service will be shut down in August. What should I do? Alternatively, could I bind current account with other ...
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Change email login to another id [duplicate]

My original email id got compromised and now I want my new email id to be the main id for all SE sites . How to delete original id from the system as someone else might login from it ?
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How do I change login account on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have a GMail account ([email protected]) and I always log in with this account on Stack Overflow. Now,I was forbidden to use this [email protected] account but I can use new account([email protected]) . I ...
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How can I change my login email address for Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

How can I change my login email address for Stack Overflow? I tried editing from my account, but that didn't work if I used that email during login.
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Add new email to login credentials [duplicate]

I have created my account using Gmail and now it's blocked at my workplace. I tried to add another login in "My Logins" but the options shown there are also blocked. I want to add my work email to ...
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How to change login id for stack overflow? [duplicate]

Open ID is really a nice feature. But if i wish to change my email id there, Stack Overflow i guess considers it as a prime key and won't allow to change. For instance i had used my company's mail id ...
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How to convert an account from Yahoo to an OpenID? [duplicate]

Every time I login, it is through my Yahoo account. Is there a way to convert it into an OpenID type account?
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Changing email address for the whole network [duplicate]

I'm able to change the email for Stack Overflow, but for login, it still asks for my old mail. Checking Network Profile > My Logins, the old email still appears. How do I fix this? Furthermore, on ...
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How can I change my method for logging into Stack Exchange (and remove the old one)? [duplicate]

Currently I sign into my Stack Exchange account using my Google login. I'd like to replace this with a different login method, though, so I can still log in to Stack Exchange, but not with Google. ...
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