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How can I help with suggested edits? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why set the bar so high for viewing 'suggested edits' review tab? This question was inspired by Do we need a Bat-Signal on Meta, calling in help when the edit queue is ...
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Could a list of pending suggested edits be added upon reaching 5k or 7.5k rep? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why set the bar so high for viewing 'suggested edits' review tab? Until today, I had never approved a suggested edit before. But I just did. I totally thought this was a bug. I ...
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Roll out 10k tools gradually between 3k and 10k reputation for users who have shown interest in helping the site

I. Short Version Make it easier for lesser rep users who actually contribute in janitorial work, by giving them access to some of these tools between 3k and 10k. II. Long Version A. Pre-ramble ...
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Why are suggested edit votes limited?

Is there a reason why I can only vote on 30 suggested edits per day? I don't think there is a real problem that more votes are abused or something like that. But every time, I reach this limit and ...
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Stats on suggested edits

Given the number of questions about the suggested edit system, I think we need some numbers… On Stack overflow: What is the mean time it takes for a suggested edit to be acted on? What is the length ...
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Allow 3k users to see the pending close-vote question queue

On Stack Overflow it might look like it doesn't make much sense but it would make sense on smaller SE sites where there are not that many 10k users. On Ask Ubuntu the way we handle this right now is ...
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Increase Edit Votes for 10k+ Users

It has been suggested several times recently to increase the edit vote limits (with no official response that I can find). I think at least 10k users should get more edit votes. Advantages Clear up ...
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Where/how to vote on/approve tag wiki edits on a beta site?

Over on the Japanese Language & Usage beta site I have currently "1602" reputation and the privileges page tells me "approve tag wiki edits 100%" (Reputation Required 1500) Yet ...
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Why set the bar so high to approve low-rep edits?

I heard that only 10k users are allowed to review (and approve) edits done by the little people. Why set it so high, especially if you allow 2k users to edit without approval?
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Can users who have 2000+ rep see the suggested edit queue in the top bar?

Someone said only users who have 10000+ rep can use the suggest edit queue.
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Reject and improve: please allow editing from the pre-suggested-edit version

This is a continuation of Do we need a 'reject and improve' button?. In the previous episode, we obtained a way to say “the suggestion is not helpful, you don't get reputation for suggesting ...
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