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Should virus or illegal-activity related questions/code be allowed? [duplicate]

I've seen posts pop up every once in a while on virus coding, and I went to flag them, but I didn't see a category under which to do so. After further investigation, I've had no luck finding rules ...
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Should we allow Questions/Answers about password cracking [duplicate]

I was going through his link Quote from that link Use of the Network or Services to violate the security of any computer network, crack passwords or security encryption codes, transfer or store ...
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Should I have flagged a question for moderator attention if it covered a "dodgy" topic? [duplicate]

I recently flagged a StackOverflow question for moderator attention because related to the decompilation of third-party software, which smelt a little dodgy. The response I got for the flag was: ...
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New close reason: "questionable ethics"? [duplicate]

Recently I saw a question where a user was asking how to do something which many commenters considered unethical. The person was asking how to circumvent a restriction in someone else's web ...
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Help with dubious-looking password checking scripts? [duplicate]

A user has asked for assistance on a web-based multiple password-checking script for Tesco and Izotope websites. I can't think of any legitimate uses for this - even if the OP is intending to operate ...
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Closing questions with suspicious requests [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Policy regarding questions related to unethical or “shady” practices I often see questions on SO with very... suspicious requests. Most common are requests for methods of ...
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Should an answer that encourages illegal activity be marked as "Offensive"?

If I see an answer that involves some illegal activity, such as breaking license agreements, should I then mark this as Offensive or should I simply down-vote it?
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Helping a Phisher? [closed]

I'm commenting on this question about parsing data in a BrowserField on Blackberry. I was suspicious about why someone would do this, and tried to persuade the questioner to use other methods of ...
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Should there be a close option for questions regarding to some illegal activity?

Sometimes there are questions from people with obvious illegal or at the very least ethically questionable goals. Such as this one from a guy who seems to be trying to write some malware: How can I ...
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Should unethical questions be answered?

A question (now migrated to Super User) has been asked that I originally thought was a simple problem, and posted a simple solution. Then on the comments to my answer I had to force some details from ...
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Are we allowed to ask questions about programming ethics on SO?

Are we allowed to ask things like "Is it okay to do [this] without informing users of this behavior?"? I'm not referring to anything regarding the legality of a practice, but whether its just ...
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Is this normal behaviour or is somebody cheating in an exam?

I just answered a question from this user. Then, I looked into the profile and it looks like he just registered 2 days ago and asked two questions. The first question is obviously either homework or ...
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Should the [jailbreak] tag from Stack Overflow be removed? [closed]

As good programmers, should we support illegal jailbreaking of devices (which includes Android phones as well), and support the jailbreak tag?
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"Help me spam people" question?

I noticed this user ask a really off-topic qustion (actually a question about how to spam) on English.Stackexchange. I then noticed the user's account is active across 20 StackExchange sites with 1 ...
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Flagging answers featuring exploits?

I recently flagged one of the answers in the "late answers" checking? OP: Force downloads on an iphone and add it to the user library. You can use exploit A with version 1.2.3 and you can use ...
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