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I made an edit action and I know it's waiting peer review in some queue. But I found I'm wrong. I want to cancel the edit action. In this case, any review would be waste of time. And what's worse, ...
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Any way to remove my own pending edit? [duplicate]

I've made an edit on a post and I now realize that it is in error: I've added a suggested edit (the water tag) but I now realize it's probably not appropriate. I recommend rejecting it (I think ...
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Undo edit suggestion [duplicate]

I made an edit suggestion that I later realized was wrong. It has not been accepted or rejected yet. Can I take back my own edit suggestions so that it does not need to be reviewed?
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How to remove edit from edit queue? [duplicate]

I asked a question on SO: Unix find: list of files from stdin and got an answer that, while good, I thought could be improved with a minor edit: Unix find: list of files from stdin After a little ...
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How to revoke a suggested edit? [duplicate]

While trying to update (by editing) my answer, I accidentally edited another answer and submitted the edit. A message told me that the edit wouldn't be visible until it was peer reviewed. How can I ...
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Discard a suggested edit before it's accepted in peer review [duplicate]

Should there be an option to discard an suggested edit to a question or answer before it is accepted in peer review? I saw a badly formatted and non-edited question, edited it and saved my changes ...
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There should be a way to withdraw suggested edits [duplicate]

[TL;DR? Skip to "Bottom Line:" at the end. But I hope I made my post worth the length] I was editing a post from the review queue. Apparently, if another edit is submitted while you're editing from a ...
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Cancel a suggested edit [duplicate]

It happened many times that while I was submitting an edit to a question, someone else edited the same question (to improve code formatting, to correct a typo in the title, etc.) and got his edit ...
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Can I cancel a 'pending edit' [duplicate]

I suggested edits on a few questions/answers and they are now pending. As the Stack Overflow site only allows 5 pending edits, I would like to know if it is possible to cancel any such edits in order ...
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How do I rollback a mistake I made editing a question? [duplicate]

This is embarrassing. I was editing a long slew of code in a new poster's question by mechanically moving my mouse down line by line, but missed the fact that one of the poster's lines was so long it ...
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Undo suggested edit which is already in pending review [duplicate]

I edited a post which was in need to have the code formatting fix, and at the same time the post's author fixed what I was fixing before I hit the Save Edits button! Now my edit, which there is no ...
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How can I cancel pending edit review of mine? [duplicate]

I edited someone's post to improve it. While edit is in pending for peer review, I realized that my edit was wrong and I want to revert it back to original post. How can I cancel my edit review before ...
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How can I revert my edit, when it is still in the review queue? [duplicate]

I made a stupid edit on another guy's question and can't revert it (yet). Maybe my stupidity will be catched by the peer reviewers, maybe not. In the first case, I stole a bit of the precious time of ...
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Can I modify and resubmit my suggested edit before it is peer reviewed?

Recently I made a suggested edit, and then after submitting the edit, I realized that I removed a keyword from the original title. Sometimes, I felt that I could have suggested a better edit than I ...
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View edit review queue, remove own suggested edits from queue

I realized I'd made a bad edit on Electrical Engineering SE right after I submitted the edit and I felt awful about it. By now, I'm sure its been denied but I really didn't like that I couldn't do a ...
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