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Missing edit link? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why don't I see an edit button under questions? Why is this post not editable?? It is not lock as I can see?
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Why is the edit link grayed out and retag link missing? [duplicate]

I was going to retag a question but it didn't have the link. Also the edit link was grayed out. It is 31 minutes old and I have they are there on other questions. What situations does this happen in?
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Temporary loss of permission to edit - what are the triggers for this permission to be suspended? [duplicate]

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Maximum number of edits [duplicate]

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Why am I seeing the message "Account is not allowed to suggest edits"? [duplicate]

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Why do I no longer have the question and answer editing privilege? [duplicate]

Recently I've noticed that in Stack Overflow I no longer am allowed to edit questions and answers. This seems to be disabled. Can anyone please tell me why that might have happened?
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Access denied for edit posts [duplicate]

I have a problem with my Stack Overflow account. My edit access was disabled for all posts. I saw some similar questions related to my problem, which explained some of the reasons why this might ...
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Answer unavailable to edit [duplicate]

When I attempt to edit a specific answer, I cannot seem to edit it. The edit (button, I guess) is greyed out, but only for that specific answer. I can still edit other questions/answers, but not a ...
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Account is not allowed to suggest edits - Edit link disabled [duplicate]

The edit button is disabled for me and on mouse over it says Account is not allowed to suggest edits. I have seen people raise this question before, but I need to know exactly why my account is ...
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Can't edit any questions? [duplicate]

It appears that the edit link is disabled on every post for me. Is it possible to be edit banned, and if so why would I be?
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retag and edit question links are disabled [duplicate]

Some times when I want to edit or retag some question I find that the links are disabled for that question, but I can still edit/retag other questions, is there any reason for that ? Here is a screen ...
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Delay in editing questions? [duplicate]

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Why aren't users sometimes allowed to suggest edits to (or edit) questions? [duplicate]

I got the error message Users cannot suggest edits when trying to suggest an edit to this question. Why do I get this message? And, more importantly: How can I make sure I can suggest edits again?
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Question Editing [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do suggested edits work? Why don't I see an edit button under questions? Missing edit link? I am new to Stack Overflow. I saw that sometimes it allows me to edit ...
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