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Why can't I edit a question of another user? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why is the edit button disabled? This is the first time that the following happened to me: I don't see the Edit button of a question asked by another user. I only see Link ...
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Missing edit link? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why don't I see an edit button under questions? Why is this post not editable?? It is not lock as I can see?
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Why is the edit link grayed out and retag link missing? [duplicate]

I was going to retag a question but it didn't have the link. Also the edit link was grayed out. It is 31 minutes old and I have they are there on other questions. What situations does this happen in?
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Temporary loss of permission to edit - what are the triggers for this permission to be suspended? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why don't I see an edit button under questions? I temporarily lost the ability to edit questions or answers on Stack Overflow, the link was simply missing. It's not for a ...
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Maximum number of edits [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why don't I see an edit button under questions? I can't see the edit option under the posts. Did I reach a limit or something? Is there a maximum pending edit request size?...
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Why am I seeing the message "Account is not allowed to suggest edits"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a penalty for one's edit suggestion being rejected? Why is the edit button disabled? Account is Not Allowed to Suggest Edits I have got edit link disabled and ...
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Why do I no longer have the question and answer editing privilege? [duplicate]

Recently I've noticed that in Stack Overflow I no longer am allowed to edit questions and answers. This seems to be disabled. Can anyone please tell me why that might have happened?
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Access denied for edit posts [duplicate]

I have a problem with my Stack Overflow account. My edit access was disabled for all posts. I saw some similar questions related to my problem, which explained some of the reasons why this might ...
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Answer unavailable to edit [duplicate]

When I attempt to edit a specific answer, I cannot seem to edit it. The edit (button, I guess) is greyed out, but only for that specific answer. I can still edit other questions/answers, but not a ...
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Account is not allowed to suggest edits - Edit link disabled [duplicate]

The edit button is disabled for me and on mouse over it says Account is not allowed to suggest edits. I have seen people raise this question before, but I need to know exactly why my account is ...
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Can't edit any questions? [duplicate]

It appears that the edit link is disabled on every post for me. Is it possible to be edit banned, and if so why would I be?
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retag and edit question links are disabled [duplicate]

Some times when I want to edit or retag some question I find that the links are disabled for that question, but I can still edit/retag other questions, is there any reason for that ? Here is a screen ...
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Delay in editing questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why don't I see an edit button under questions? I am new to Stack Overflow and curious about the editing process. Since I am new to programming as well and still want to ...
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Why aren't users sometimes allowed to suggest edits to (or edit) questions? [duplicate]

I got the error message Users cannot suggest edits when trying to suggest an edit to this question. Why do I get this message? And, more importantly: How can I make sure I can suggest edits again?
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Question Editing [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do suggested edits work? Why don't I see an edit button under questions? Missing edit link? I am new to Stack Overflow. I saw that sometimes it allows me to edit ...
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Missing "improve question" link [duplicate]

Last week, I tried to suggest an edit for a question on a Stack Exchange site on which I did not have an account. I say "tried," because the button for "improve this question" was missing. I reported ...
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The edit button isn't working on SO [duplicate]

I was on Stack Overflow just now editing someone else's question. When I submitted it, there was a queue on the edit, so my edit didn't go through. So I went back to leave the editing process. By ...
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Edit not possible through account [duplicate]

I'm not able to edit the question. Can anyone tell me what's the reason behind that? On hove that it will be show "Account is not allowed to suggest edits"
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Can not Edit Question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why don't I see an edit button under questions? I am successfully able to Edit some questions. But some questions like this like , I am not able to edit this question. why ...
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Edit post not working [duplicate]

When I am going to any questions on Stack Overflow, that time edit button is appearing as disable. I can't click on it because there is no link of editing. Can you please help me what is the problem?
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I can't edit any question/answer on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Today I edited two questions. But after someone approved my edit, I can no longer edit any posts of Stack Overflow. What is the problem? Why is the edit option disabled for me?
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Non logged in users can edit questions, but logged in users can't? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why don't I see an edit button under questions? When logged out on the Raspberry Pi site, and looking at a question, I can edit it (well suggest an edit) image when not ...
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Edit is not working [duplicate]

As i mentioned in the picture, my edit icon is not working (only for some post), but i am able to review and edit the posts.
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Why edit is disabled for the following question? [duplicate]

I am trying to edit following post but edit link is disabled. Bootstrap text box not stretching full width Then I tried to go to other question to look weather they allow me to edit and seems all ...
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Was there was a recent change to the privileges? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why don't I see an edit button under questions? Was there a privilege change in the last hour? I am no longer able to edit questions and answers. I checked the privileges ...
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Edit option blocked [duplicate]

My edit privilege is blocked and I cannot edit any question or answer. I had that option working a few hours ago. My reputation now is 441. Is there a reason for the privilege to be blocked? Maybe my ...
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Review: more users control [duplicate]

Sometimes, when reviewing certain threads (for example, 'Suggested edits') I notice that there are series of edits from user (usually, low-rep.) with very minor changes. It's obvious that it is an ...
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Why does this question not have an "edit" button? [duplicate]

I am not seeing an edit button on this question: I'm making a program which needs to make a division by 10, but it throws Floating Point Error (ignore the spanish) (I wanted to add a "nasm" tag.) ...
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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How do suggested edits work?

When clicking "edit" I see: Your edit will be placed in a queue until it is peer reviewed. We welcome edits that make the post easier to understand and more valuable for readers. Because ...
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Why does the suggested edit queue have a fixed size, and what is its size on each site?

Stack Exchange sites have a suggested edit queue, visible to the users who have the edit questions and answers privilege. What is the suggested edit queue's size limit? What happens when the queue is ...
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Always show the edit button on questions

I don't yet have over 2000 rep on Stack Overflow so I can't edit at will there. At this moment I have 26 approved edits and 1 that's been rejected, so I think my account is in good standing. However, ...
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Too many of your edits were rejected, try again in 7 days

First time I've got the following message on SO: Too many of your edits were rejected, try again in 7 days. Although, I have made ~50 accepted edits this day. I'm sure that should outweigh the ~...
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What actions are rate-limited, and why? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide I've seen a number of time delay notifications on the sites. E.g.: you can only comment every x seconds What are all the situations that ...
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FAQ for Stack Exchange sites

Community FAQ For sites in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking ...
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Account is Not Allowed to Suggest Edits [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do suggested edits work? Why is the edit button disabled? For some odd reason, I am not allowed to suggest edits ... Why is that? This is on the main Unix & Linux ...
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Why keep the delete button visible

Why is the delete text under my question, but when I press it, it say something like. 'Can not be deleted since, there are answer so.. flag it instead.' So, my question is why keep the text there, if ...
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Cannot create a tag wiki page

Hello, I've created a number of tag wiki pages on SO before (my rep is 3.8k), and they were accepted. Since a few days when I try to create a new tag wiki I get a page with text: There is no tag ...
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When account is not allowed to suggest edits, add a link to the relevant FAQ

When a user is getting banned from suggesting edits he/she will have just a generic message telling they can't suggest edits anymore. It's really not trivial why this happened. Same way that a ...
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Stack Overflow is not allowing me to suggest edits

Stack Overflow is not allowing me to suggest edits. I know that some unaccepted edit suggests caused this problem. I just want to know how many unaccepted edit causes this problem, so that in the ...
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What is child meta in StackExchange?

I saw word called child meta in Then I searched about it. I saw a few questions which related child meta. But I could not find what is child meta?
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Account restricted to edit posts [duplicate]

I cannot edit any posts on SO except mine. Why has this happened? It displays a message that This account is not allowed to suggest edits. When I willbe able to suggest edits again? and How?
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Wiki-tag edit error is non-descriptive

I've been editing some wiki entries on the new Expatriates site, and started to get the following error: When I go to a normal post, I see what is presumably the proper explanation: Can the Wiki Tag ...
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Edit suspension message for anonymous users links to a non-existent edit history

I just got insta-suspended from suggesting edits whilst not logged in* and got a message saying: You are currently suspended from suggesting edits. You will be able to suggest edits again in 7 days. ...
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How to be a good reviewer?

TLDR: My thoughts about dealing with low quality content in scope of limited resources, like edits and flags. Introduction (this is long and perhaps little boring, so you may skip directly to The ...
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You can get around the suggested edit pending blocker

The post about the edit button being disabled says: There is an edit to a particular post that was not approved yet. This suggests that you shouldn't be able to edit a question, however: This ...
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Can't edit questions anymore. Is the edit queue full?

I noticed that the "edit" option that used to be beneath a question on SO is missing? Right now it only says link|retag|flag for all questions I've clicked on. I read this question and checked the ...
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Increased Daily Limits With Increased Reputation

It appears that the more accepted moderator flags you raise, the more moderator flags you are allowed to raise each day, so could other activities be made consistent with this? For example: Could ...
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No edit button? New questions

Somewhat curious. Regarding sometimes no edit button on new questions. Is Jeff correct here ** or am I missing something? I found this duplicate but I am not sure I really understand. questions/81681/...
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Do poor editors get flagged if enough of their edits are rejected? [duplicate]

I have recently reviewed several subsequent edits for the same person placing an "ios" tag on multiple iDevice questions. I saw at least 5 before I decided to stop reviewing and flagging him at "too ...
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