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The Many Memes of Meta

Catchphrases and concepts that spread from person to person are known as memes, which, courtesy the Internet, can now explode across the Earth like a highly contagious virus (hence "going viral&...
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Visual design changes to the review queues

The Public Platform team would like to announce another release in a series of planned work for the Review queues. This release focuses on refreshing the queue user interface in preparation for ...
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Improvements to editor for formatting source code

Does anyone else have problems with the editor? I may be doing something incredibly stupid, but I find that whenever I use tab I tab out of the box. This is obviously irritating if you're trying to ...
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Resizing an image in a post?

Is it possible to resize an image in an answer? For example, How important is PhD research topic to getting a job? has an answer that should have the image in the answer, but it's too big. Is there a ...
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Add a link to the timeline of a post

For the past year I have been quite active on SO and a bit on meta, but I had never heard of the timeline of a post until today in a comment on meta. There was an announcement by Jeff Atwood two ...
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Show Total Votes (or Up/Down Votes)

When viewing any question, it would be nice to see the total number of votes as a little tagline underneath the total vote score. It would be nice to see the difference between: +0 (0 votes) &...
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New phenomenon: Rage Unaccepting

Now that accept rate is no longer displayed users can silently unaccept answers without anyone noticing. I happened to notice by chance that this user (who is a long time member without any other ...
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Revisiting changes to answer sorting menu: better use of space, moving menu into a dropdown, ascending/descending sort options, clearer descriptions

Update (Mar 21, 2022): The dropdown menu for the answer-sorting options is now live. Update (Feb 9, 2022): I've added an additional question in the Feedback section below. Last week, I posted ...
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How is meta participation calculated?

On per-site metas, users are given a rank based on meta participation, and this ranking is seen on the default tab of the users page on each per-site meta. How is this participation numerically ...
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Thumbnail image on Stack Overflow

How can you thumbnail an uploaded image on Stack Overflow?
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Adding the consensus to review's history

Today, I started exploring the reviews section on Stack Overflow and specially the Triage queue. In the history section I can see all my reviews, and also the triage category I chose (for ...
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Spoilers are inaccessible to keyboard-only users

Several SE sites, including Science Fiction & Fantasy SE, support the tag >! for spoilers. This markup hides the text following the spoiler tag unless the user hovers the mouse pointer over the ...
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The 'nofollow' attribute is set in user profile website link... why?

I understand that from an SEO perspective it is beneficial for Stack Overflow to have the nofollow attribute on the website link for user profiles. Especially if people will just create an account to ...
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How does Chrome know how to search Meta?

I just started using Google Chrome, and tried to load Meta by typing "" into the URL/search bar. I got as far as "met" before I noticed the following message on the right side ...
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Add code search syntax to search tips

After Search just code we now have a way to search code, so something like code:"-->" searches for the infamous --> "operator". (Protip: it's not an operator, it's two) Could this be added to ...
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Stop turning bare URLs in RFC 2606 domains into links

The Problem Sometimes on Stack Overflow (and —how meta­— on meta) you talk about URLs and use an RFC 2606 domain (such as ''), but you will never mean this to be a hyperlink. These ...
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Why are so many features hidden?

Why do you implement so many nice features without showing them to all users? I have been visiting Stack Overflow for about 5 months. 2 days ago, I asked something here on meta and during it I found ...
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AutoIndent of Source Code

When editing a question or an answer on StackOverflow, it would be great if, when you are on a line that starts with n ≥ 4 spaces and press Enter, the newly created line would automatically begin with ...
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Please inverse the community user's duplicate listing

Currently when a question is closed as a dupe, you'll see what question(s) it is a possible duplicate of. But what about the opposite? Since there are many occasions that duplicate questions can ...
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Clicking "privileges" on another user's profile should not show me my own privileges

As a moderator, when I access any user's profile I am greeted with the following menu at the top of the page: When I click "edit" I am able to edit that user's profile. When I click "preferences" ...
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Link to a question, answer or comment

In writing a question, answer or comment, how can I include a clickable link to cross-reference another question, answer or comment?
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Is there any way to see upvote and downvote history on my question page in Meta Stackoverflow

I just came from outside and saw my question has +3 points , when I opened the question page it has no upvotes and downvotes does not able to know how those points earned. Later I went to my home ...
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How to switch to meta.stackexchange from other SE sites

The context of this question is that I have been thinking of reporting a bug I found on other SE site, so I need access to this meta.SE site. When I try using the site switcher on the top left of the ...
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What is the "real" reason behind these declined flags?

I flagged this answer as: Useless answer. Just plain TROLLING. and I got a response: declined - You're just jealous because he's right. That is a weird thing to say for a flag decine... My ...
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How can I see which days I visited site?

How can I see which days I visited site MSO or SO? Is there any method, list or calendar view?
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shortening url's of stackoverflow Q and A

Due to comment size limit, and code clarity in general, what do you think about shortening urls? Let's assume following url:
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Why aren't edit summaries shown?

As a new answerer on StackOverflow, I found the Edit Summary field misleading. A commenter asked for an update to my answer, so I updated the answer, and explained the update in the Edit Summary, ...
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Viewing another user's privileges shows my reputation instead of theirs

At the right hand side, where it indicates what the next privilege to unlock is, the progress bar uses my current reputation rather than the reputation of the user I'm currently viewing privileges for....
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Fascinating/enticing facts about Stack Overflow

Apart from the obvious bits of information like the technology used, the history, reputation system, famous users etc. that are readily available on this site, Jeff's or Joel's blogs, presentations ...
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Rep cap kicking in a little too early?

I know there are a ton of existing questions about this, but they were all from before the March 2010 Recalc when the rules were changed, so I'm wondering if this might be a new bug. Currently my rep ...
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View upvote and downvote totals on Meta?

On S[OFU] it's possible to see the total upvotes and downvotes for a given question/answer by clicking on the question score. alt text Can this be ...
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Ignore tags using wild card

EDIT/EDIT Ok, my question is: Can I ignore all the tags but my favorites? If so, please tell me how with a very small example ( take javascript tag for instance ) If is not possible just tell me ...
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Breaking Rep Limit - Possible?

It seems that it is ever so slightly possible to break the reputation limit, or I am misunderstanding something. Here is what I think happened: I hit a daily reputation limit from upvotes only. (+200)...
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Optional interactive training for Stack Exchange features and privileges

One of the best ways to learn is by doing. The introductory messages for the review queues are nice (especially now that I have dismissed them all for every site I participate on), but text isn't the ...
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Search is incorrectly adding tags to search criteria

This search should not be searching in any tags: But it "helpfully" adds the [wpf] tag to my search criteria. I can't seem to get it to f**k-...
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Does the unlinked 'show users by participation' page still work?

Per this answer, On per-site-metas, there is a tab for showing users by participation. According to the tooltip, it shows: Users most active in the last 60 days (combined number of posts, votes, ...
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How do I find out why I lost reputation points?

I have lost a couple of points today, no biggy, but I can't work out why. Everything points to these pages, but there are no down votes. Nodejs output -Domain name not found Creating multiline ...
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Get backlink Stack Exchange for SEO

Can securing a backlink by inserting a link in the Stack Exchange profile have a good effect on DR/DA (domain rating and domain authority) SEO? Stack Exchange has a very high score for DR/DA.
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Why are there non-CW answers under this CW question?

What are the hidden features of Stack Exchange? Since this question is a CW, all answers are supposed to be CW, too. However it looks like something went wrong here and here. Why???
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Tell me how to log out of Stack Exchange OpenID

I've logged in to my account using Stack Exchange OpenID. That is, I just clicked the "log in" link in the top bar, and typed in my e-mail address and password. When I now want to log out again, ...
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Is this a hidden feature or a bug?

If you try to write [tag] at the beginning of a title, you'll see this error: But I figured out, writing  [tag] overcomes the error, and the space is stripped on submit anyway. I don't want this ...
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Can we have a working route if we use the id from the Badges table?

tl;dr I would like to have a route to a badge based on the id in SEDE. In SEDE we have a table Badges(Id, UserId, Name, Date, Class, TagBased). For me the first few badges look like this: Id | ...
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Are there any undocumented options for doing searches?

I noticed in this question it mentions using the asterisk in doing wildcard searches, but I couldn't find it in the help pages. Are there other search options that aren't documented?
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Leagues for participation/moderation?

I am aware of reputation leagues, but those only track your rep gains. As a person who makes everything a competition and who is active in participation/moderation (for the two and a half months I've ...
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Privilege percentages are confusing

I've only recently understood what the percentage figures on the All Privileges page mean and was confused about them until now. This aspect could use further clarification on that page. I used to ...
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Not able to view the Vote count inspite of upvote

I noticed that I received an upvote in this question,but I don't see the upvote count there.This is the question. Programming with ADHD Here are the screenshots In my profile page you can see that I ...
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How does bounty awarded by community to an answer with 1 upvote?

This answer to Android "No content provider found for permission revoke" has one upvote and has 25 bounty awarded by community. What I know is that, community awards bounty only if the ...
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Accepted answer date and time not being updated when it was previously accepted?

This is something I noticed: As per my rep records, I just lost 15 rep as an unaccept: When I went over to the answer, the timestamp on the now-accepted answer made no sense: How is that an answer ...
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Why didn't I get notified when I got unaccepted?

I got unaccepted for some question (I know this as I had 1360 rep yesterday night, and now I have 1345). According to Notification when my answer is unaccepted? I should've been notified, but I didn't....
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