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How do I find out why I lost reputation points?

I have lost a couple of points today, no biggy, but I can't work out why. Everything points to these pages, but there are no down votes. Nodejs output -Domain name not found Creating multiline ...
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Get backlink Stack Exchange for SEO

Can securing a backlink by inserting a link in the Stack Exchange profile have a good effect on DR/DA (domain rating and domain authority) SEO? Stack Exchange has a very high score for DR/DA.
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Automatically show new comments and answers

When I leave question pages open in the background, I often see "add/show 1 new comment" or "1 new answer to this question" when I go back to it after a while. If SO can update the page to show these ...
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Tell me how to log out of Stack Exchange OpenID

I've logged in to my account using Stack Exchange OpenID. That is, I just clicked the "log in" link in the top bar, and typed in my e-mail address and password. When I now want to log out again, ...
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When community wiki post has only one revision, text is incorrect

I just stumbled over this CW answer: It should be just "answered [time stamp]" but looks like the "edited" was hard coded somehow. I verified this to happen on all CW posts without edits i.e. ...
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Link the title of the linked questions sidebar to the list of linked questions

One of the (semi-)hidden features of SE is that you can view the linked questions for any post by visiting the URL http://[site]/questions/linked/[id] (where [site] is the site host name, and [id] is ...
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A hidden-undocumented SE keyboard shortcut for searching

While I answered this question in Stack Overflow: How does the Stack Overflow Search Input work? I found this hidden feature: If you type your search expression than clicking Ctrl + Enter it will ...
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Going to /review/user-info of an invalid queue or user ID causes a server error

I learned that you can go to https://[Stack Exchange domain].com/review/user-info/[review queue ID]/[user ID] in order to view a users review stats such as their daily, weekly, monthly, and all time ...
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Make all the links in user profile page reachable with keyboard only

Sometimes I love to put my mouse away, let it rest, and navigate the site only with keyboard. With enough TAB clicks I can reach any link and activate it - all good. However, in the user profile ...
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Where (and how) can I post tips & tricks for using Stack Exchange?

I have a tip about using Stack Exchange I want to share. It's just a small tip for adding comments on iOS, nothing spectacular, but I'm certain there are other users who'll find it useful. I'm ...
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Links to comments when the title has been edited

On a Stack Exchange site, you can get a link to a comment if you click on the timestamp next to the comment. The exact URL might be a bit different depending on the way you arrived to the comment. In ...
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Comment link becomes invalid if question title changes

While viewing this answer, I noticed that the link to the comment was broken because the title of the question was changed. So I updated the link. The link to the question should remain valid, even if ...
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Merge [code-first] into [ef-code-first]? [closed]

Currently code-first tag is significantly more popular (129) then ef-code-first (38) but I'm sure that ef-code-first is much more correct. What about merge?
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What is [duplicate]

Accidentally I got the url . It is giving some statistics about my details. What is this? I didn't see this url in anywhere in SO.
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Reputation was not reflect to my account even if I not reached the limit to gain the reputation by edit the post [duplicate]

Today, I have faced the problem as my reputation is not reflected in my account when I edited the post (my total edited post is: 455) I have edited 5 questions in the Stack Overflow. All changes were ...
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