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Notification of updates to my favorite questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Adding Favorites to the Stack Exchange global inbox There was a feature previously in SE sites which used to show the "envelope" in yellow color whenever there is any update ...
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Any option to Add Follow for a post and get notified when Answers available [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Adding Favorites to the Stack Exchange global inbox Suppose someone asked a question which I am not able to answer but would like to get updates on. One way we can do is to ...
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Inbox notification when a favourite question has new activity [duplicate]

I rarely visit my own profile to look at favourite questions with new activity. I'd like to have inbox notifications for this. Apparently it was once added, but later removed again. Can this be ...
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How can I receive notifications about favorite questions? [duplicate]

I have read many questions about the topic. Apparently if I favorite a question, I should get notifications about it, but it's currently not the case. Apparently, there is a checkbox in the prefs tab ...
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Button to be alerted when a post is answered [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Adding Favorites to the Stack Exchange global inbox I'm not sure if this feature exists, if it has I haven't been able to find it. There are many times I come across a post ...
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Optionally add responses to favorite questions to inbox notifications [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Adding Favorites to the Stack Exchange global inbox This question is either a request for support to an existing feature I have not been able to find or a feature request if ...
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How to get other people's question updates in global inbox? [duplicate]

When I see some good question I'd like to star it and pay attention to its updates (answers, edits, comments). So it's good to see new message from the inbox messages, but it seems that I can only ...
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Notifications from favorite posts [duplicate]

Why is there not yet a solution for notifications from favorite posts, because I think it's a great feature most people wanted? I think it just completes the favourite option. Why is it taking too ...
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Is there a way to get notification when my favourite question gets an answer? [duplicate]

SO has a high traffic and within 5 minutes the question in the main page changes. So suppose a question is posted and I liked the question. So is there a way I can get notification when an answer is ...
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How can we improve the mod tools?

You may have noticed that we have a bit of a backlog for bugs and feature requests related to moderator tools. Our moderators do a lot of work to keep our sites running smoothly, and we recognize ...
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What can we learn from Quora?

When we were doing the VC rounds, the company (rightly or not) that was on every VC's radar in the Q&A field was Quora. Link to sign up: Quora is a question and answer ...
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Subscribing to questions and comments that don't belong to you

There has been some discussion about getting notified on comments to questions or answers that don't belong to you, and the long-standing wish to be able to keep track of new answers or developments ...
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Mark questions to receive notifications and updates? [duplicate]

Right now there isn't a great way to monitor the questions that I am interested in following. What I seem to do now is go to my recent history for questions I have commented on, and then link to the ...
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Upcoming Feature: Follow Questions [duplicate]

We are planning to release a new feature on the network in the next few weeks that will give users the ability to follow and unfollow questions. This was mentioned by Teresa in the Q1 Roadmap. The ...
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Please add a spell checker to the Markdown editor

It would be nice to see a built-in spell checker into the main text-panel for posts. Every time I post here or Stack Overflow I quickly open up Gmail, paste my post there, and use its spell ...
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