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Create a view that provides a list of databases

In an answer to Strange new database 'Data.StackExchangePOC' is messing up cross-site SEDE queries our DBA extraordinair Aaron Bertrand suggested to have a feature request for a view to list ...
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With SEDE, is there a way to run a query across all sites in the network? [duplicate]

My apologies if this question is off-topic here, but it is a discussion about how to use a network-wide tool specific to SE. The question in its entirety is in the title, really. How can I use the ...
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Data stack exchange: query from all sites [duplicate]

While creating a query on Stack Exchange Explorer, how do you write a query to include all Stack Exchange sites? select P.ID as [Post Link], p.Score, P.Title, P....
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Is it possible to query multiple sites in one data SE query? [duplicate]

I was curious about finding users that have higher reputation on SE sites other than stackoverflow. I'm kind of fuzzy on what I want to do, but my hypothesis is that ... people who are involved in SE ...
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Cross-site SEDE Queries [duplicate]

In the view of the recent Worldbuilding election, I wanted to check the profile of the voters (based on Constituent badges awarded). And one idea was to look at the reputation of the users. However ...
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Writing a query for multiple communities at once [duplicate]

Is is possible in SEDE to write a query targeting many communities simultaneously? I've seen this related question but it doesn't help me. e.g. I would like to see how many questions were asked in X, ...
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Interesting queries on Data Explorer [closed]

Let's collect some interesting queries for the Stack Exchange Data Explorer here. How many upvotes do I have for each tag? (how long before tag badges?) SELECT TOP 20 TagName, COUNT(*) AS ...
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Dump of my own Stack Exchange content

Is there a way to quickly save all my Stack Exchange content across all Stack Exchange sites, as hundreds of HTML pages? (for me probably 15 or 20 sites: SO, dsp.SE, unix.SE, etc.)? The ideal way ...
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Has Stack Exchange's traffic decreased since ChatGPT?

I was wondering whether the traffic of Stack Exchange sites went down since the open access to ChatGPT. There is so much gossip in terms of "Will programmers be unnecessary with ChatGPT? Will ...
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Map of all Stack Exchange sites (except the three biggest)

I've just made a map of all Stack Exchange sites, except for the three biggest ones: (A high(er) res png file) (EDIT: there was a PDF file, but for some reason it was eating more than 1 GB of memory, ...
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Which users have the most accounts with over 200 reputation across the SE networks?

Which users have the most accounts with over 200 reputation across the Stack Exchange networks? Is it common or is it rare? I don't necessarily need a "best answer" - any answer should help (as I tend ...
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How can I write a cross-site Data Explorer query that joins databases on linked accounts? [duplicate]

The answer to this question implies that you can write cross-site Data Explorer queries, but the sample query doesn't appear to do what I think it should. SELECT TOP 1 * FROM [StackOverflow....
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Search only my posts across all sites

I wrote a post some years ago about a relatively complex bash script (with parameters) but I can't find it anymore, and I don't remember on which site of the SE hierarchy I wrote it. Is there a way to ...
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Cross-site queries on SEDE fail with "The EXECUTE permission was denied"

I just noticed that any cross-site queries using dynamically generated SQL on the Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) now fail with the error message: The EXECUTE permission was denied on the ...
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Can we have * aliases for sites that have their own domain names?

I have a Chrome search engine of the form that I use to quickly move between various SE sites (I find this more efficient than bumbling my way through the multicollider). ...
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