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Questions without upvote [duplicate]

I'm writing this question because I love Stack Exchange, but I'm a little discouraged from what is happening recently :( I'm making very useful questions and the answers the people give to me are ...
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Additional Badge Ideas

As the title suggests does anyone have ideas for additional badges for SO? I liked the idea of 'hidden' ones that are triggered by odd, random criteria. Basically Easter eggs. Also: Member of all ...
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The Electorate badge discourages voting on answers

Since the introduction of the Electorate badge, I was thinking about the potential side effects of the badge. While it certainly encourages voting on questions, I think the way it works, by tying the ...
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Why not get reputation when your question is marked a favorite by somebody?

I apologize if this has already been asked. I searched for information but couldn't find any. I was wondering why reputation isn't given when somebody marks your answer as a favorite. I have a ...
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How can we appreciate and encourage voters?

In this answer shortly prior to We're Rewarding the Question Askers, I wrote I feel it's better to put more effort into encouraging users to selectively upvote worthwhile questions. Make them stand ...
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Site mechanics do not support upvoting

I believe if users behaved as they would from a game theory perspective (i.e. users compete for reputation), we would find nobody giving any upvotes to anyone else on the site. Let's discuss a ...
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Electorate badge and the benefit of voting on questions

For me voting on questions is much less important than voting on answers. If you have a question, you have it, period! It doesn't matter if it was upvoted by others or not. The reason you ask the ...
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Rep for being favorited? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why not get reputation when your question is marked a favorite by somebody? Is it worth giving some form of rep for being favorited? Taking an example - this has been ...
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Why do we vote on questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Why should I upvote a question? What purpose does downvoting questions serve? Voting on questions played a big role in the site when we didn't have the option to comment on,...
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How To Encourage Continued/Ongoing Voting

Is there a way to encourage a continued/long-term voting? This is similar to the question How to encourage voting on questions, which subsequently lead to the creation of the Electorate badge. This ...
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