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Why is the edit button disabled?

I edited some questions before, but now I get an error message when clicking the edit button. I thought there was a problem with the specific question, but I cannot click it on any question. What's ...
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Why are some questions not editable [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Missing edit link? Sometime ,I want to edit a question, but the "edit" button isn't there, like here. Why is that?
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Cannot Edit Certain Question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Missing edit link? I clicked the edit link on this question only to be bounced to the 'Page Not Found' page. When I browsed back to the question, it was still there, but ...
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Lost edit privilege today without having any rejected edit [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a penalty for one's edit suggestion being rejected? Missing edit link? When does the edit privilege come back on Stack overflow? I just realized that I lost ...
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Question Editing [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do suggested edits work? Why don't I see an edit button under questions? Missing edit link? I am new to Stack Overflow. I saw that sometimes it allows me to edit ...
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Why was I not able to edit this post? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Missing edit link? I was trying to edit a post on SO, which was very badly formatted. After I submitted the edit, I was redirected to the 404 page. Thinking that the owner ...
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Why have my "Retag" & "Edit" links been removed from some questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Missing edit link? I've edited and retagged several posts in the past with no problem, but now I've been occasionally noticing that I am unable to retag or edit (some) ...
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Why does the suggested edit queue have a fixed size, and what is its size on each site?

Stack Exchange sites have a suggested edit queue, visible to the users who have the edit questions and answers privilege. What is the suggested edit queue's size limit? What happens when the queue is ...
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Has the editing "peer revised" policy changed?

I was going to edit a post today and I found that the option edit doesn't appear anymore. I can only see flag and link. That is happening with all posts in SO and Meta. It looks like people with less ...
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Why keep the delete button visible

Why is the delete text under my question, but when I press it, it say something like. 'Can not be deleted since, there are answer so.. flag it instead.' So, my question is why keep the text there, if ...
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View-source button when editing is unavailable

There are quite a few cases where you may want to view the markdown source behind a question. The easiest way to do this is via the [edit] link below the post. Unfortunately, the [edit] link is ...
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Show when edits are pending to avoid "why can't I edit this"

I understand when edits are pending the "edit" button is grayed out. See here for other situations. My suggestion is to make it more obvious if there is a pending edit - consider the two questions ...
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Can't edit questions anymore. Is the edit queue full?

I noticed that the "edit" option that used to be beneath a question on SO is missing? Right now it only says link|retag|flag for all questions I've clicked on. I read this question and checked the ...
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Edit link disappeared

I've heard of this problem before, and the suggested reasons, but I don't think any of them apply in this case. According to the answer to this question, the edit link will disappear if: You are not ...
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Edit behaviour: Yellow line at top is missing (indicating that someone else already edited)

It happened sometimes or since some time, that I can start my edit, but someone else was faster and sent his edit already (into queue e.g.). I found this question , that describes the feature I ...
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