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How to handle tags with multiple meanings? [duplicate]

The tagging system doesn't support (as far as I know) a tag to be "separated" into two tags. For example, the Flex tag on SO currently has questions on Flex and Flex. I'm sure there are more tags that ...
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Allow 10K users to vote on suggested blacklist tags

There are lots of requests popping up to blacklist meta tags. Could we get a feature for 10K users to propose and vote on tags for the blacklist? (And, maybe, to un-blackist tags, too).
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Get rid of the "scope" tag? [closed]

We have both a scope and a variable-scope. It seems to me one should be a synonym for the other. edit After @al-everett's answer below, I realized the problem might be the scope tag in general. I ...
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How should ambiguous tags be dealt with?

If tag "foo" refers to two or more different technologies or concepts is it better to retag the less common usages or is it better to add additional tags to disambiguate? My particular issue is with ...
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Should the [table] tag be removed? [duplicate]

The table tag seems to having no meaning on it’s own. It has questions about: Database tables HTML tables ADO.NET table class Generating tables in Word documents (and that was only the first page of ...
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Can the wiki-edit reject algorithm be softened?

Inspired by the Redesigned Tags Page blog post, I edited a bunch of previously blank or terse tag wiki over at Photo-SE. Maybe I was a little obsessive, but I wrote about 25, most of which were ...
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Is there a notion of "primary tags"?

Are some tags more important than others? Is there something like a "primary tag" that identifies the largest-scope problem domain which always appears first? For example, in this question, the ...
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System to enable hand-sorted moderator retagging for sizeable disambiguation jobs

This is a hopefully less complex alternative to this old request, directed mostly at the same problem. This request was inspired from Jeff Atwood's comment on this answer, quoted for quick reference: ...
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What to do about ambiguous tags?

I just answered a question pertaining to the LOGO language (yes, the turtle pusher) and, as I sometimes do, went to examine other questions with the same tag. Interestingly enough, they seem to be ...
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Should the [float] tag be banned? [closed]

A quick look at float and floats shows that there are two unrelated uses for the tags: floating-point numbers and a CSS style. Is that useful to anybody? Should float and floats be banned from any ...
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