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Edit size requirement does not allow for significant syntax improvements [duplicate]

There are many questions which have bad SO/markdown syntax, most notably when referring to code. I like to fix this syntax and add the appropriate language tag so that the code is nicely formatted. ...
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How to overcome "Edits must be at least 6 characters"

On Stack Overflow, there was a question with an incorrectly formatted list, which lacked a newline before it and thus came out like this: 1. Hello 2. Something else 3. Goodbye I changed it to the ...
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Interface options for specifying language prettify [duplicate]

I'm the maintainer for Google Code Prettify. Markup authors can specify the language for source code, but not markdown authors. Are the SO admins interested in a way of doing this? If so, might the ...
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Suggested Edits add "Thanks in Advance"

This user: has been adding "Thanks" or "Thanks in Advance" to the bottom of a question as a suggested edit and titling the change as "improved formatting". ...
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Test for "at least 6 non-space characters" stopped a perfectly good edit from being done

I tried to edit "SourceIndex#each is deprecated". How to rectify? to clean up the block of messages which were all folded together. So I indented each one by four characters to make it into ...
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Editing title only gives "Too few characters" error [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Title edit plus minor body edit return 'too short' error This Ask Ubuntu question has to do with Unity and panels, but its original title was "ronald plopper 999" (the ...
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Implement (e.g.) <!-- language: lang-css --> in preview

Okay, so we've got Interface options for specifying language prettify implemented now, which is fantastic! There's a little bitty problem, though: As it stands, this doesn't work right in previews. ...
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Can minimum character limit or reputation threshold for suggested edits be changed locally (per site)?

Is it possible for moderators to request changing of the minimum character limit for suggested edits for a particular site? Or is it at least possible to lower the rep required for edits? I am asking ...
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What to do with the 6 character edit limit? [duplicate]

Disclaimer: I searched and I found a lot of questions about the character limit, but none include the comprehensive feature request I make here, so I kindly request to consider this post not a ...
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Proposal: inform <2k user who attempts <6 char edit that they need 2k to do it

background: Edit size requirement does not allow for significant syntax improvements pure code formatting, to enhance a question, is impossible (without 2k rep) I didn't know that a 2k user is able ...
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Line breaks don't count in the edited character count [closed]

I came across a question today on the parenting site and the post was decent and communicated the problem well, except the formatting was horrible. The post used proper sentences and everything, but ...
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