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Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role?

Some people have a diamond after their username (e.g. Michael Myers ♦) What special privileges do diamond moderators have? How can I become a diamond moderator? Who are the diamond moderators? How ...
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Please provide moderators with better tools for moderating users in chat

Had a bit of a situation this morning between two users in chat... Won't go into detail, but we'll be strongly encouraging one of the users to never return to chat (or Stack Overflow) as a result. ...
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Should the account association bonuses be excluded when calculating totals for chat?

The chat profile for a user includes a reputation total. This appears to be the sum of the reputation from all sites. A few days ago I logged in to a few other sites just out of curiosity, grew my ...
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I was able to post in chat with less than 20 rep by joining 20 sites

I joined 20 other sites (out of the many) and even with 1 rep was able to post in any of the chatrooms. For example: In ELL, I have just 1 rep and have posted messages in its chat. ell.stackexchange....
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Chat: how to move a message to another room?

I am a room owner in PHP and occasionally people ask me to delete things. As I understand it, room owners can't and probably never will be able to do that. However, according to https://meta....
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How can I (as the room owner) unstar a message in chat?

Is there a way to unstar a message starred by another user in chat? The situation is this: A user recently posted this message in a chat room. asl pls Someone starred it, and now it appears on ...
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Demystifying chat reputation requirements

How much reputation do you need to participate in chat? It's an easy answer, right? You need at least 20 reputation to participate in chat. /privileges/chat even tells us so. But for which chat site(...
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Why did I get a notification for spam/offensive flags in chat?

This is confusing because: It's the first time I got such a notification But there's nothing there On refresh the blue [1] stays there - On Chrome, where caching is chaotic, could it be stale cache? ...
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What powers do chat room owners have? [duplicate]

The FAQ says: Each room has owners, who can change various room settings and transfer ownership to other users. And: There are not a lot of responsibilites connected to room ownership, just a ...
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Chat related privileges are not site specific

Every site help center has the page for "View a full list of privileges you can earn". Example screen-shot for Unix & Linux: It says "Privileges control what you can do on <site&...
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Can room owners see their deleted rooms?

Basically I just want to ask whether a room owner can see deleted room, transcript, messages in that room. This came up in a recent conversation in chat with another user who mentioned that they ...
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I can see chat flags without 10k

On Stack Overflow, I don't have 10k, but I can see chat flags (on chat.SO). Not when I'm just in the room, but when I go to a message's history, I can see a blue square next to it if it's flagged. (...
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What abilities are moderators given? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are diamond moderators? Out of curiosity, is there a list somewhere of all the abilities that moderators have? For instance, I just found out here that mods can lock ...
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Who can see "deleted" chat rooms? What is the difference between a "frozen" and a "deleted" room?

I have a series of questions about "deleted" chat rooms. Likely answers might include: a) Anyone, whether logged in or not. b) Anyone logged in as an Aviation (ASE) member. c) The creator ...
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Visibility of frozen and deleted rooms for users below 10k?

I have looked into the FAQ-proposed post: Is there a list of SE chat privileges, and the minimum reputation required for those privileges? (I will add a link to the current revision, too). I was ...
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