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When to post on Stack Exchange meta, when to post on [site] meta [duplicate]

After browsing some questions here some of them are site specific. Should they be posted here or on that site's meta? If you post it here the question could get more attention from a wider audience ...
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Which meta site should I post on? [duplicate]

Every Stack Exchange 2.0 site has a meta. So many metas! Which one should I post my bug report, feature request, or discussion in?
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Should questions about SE site features be moved from all other metas to SO meta? [duplicate]

I wonder if questions about a feature that any SE site has on other metas belong on the StackOverflow meta. For example, this question here: How to follow (or favourite) particular users? It's ...
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Should MSE related questions be allowed on independent meta.SE sites? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which meta am I supposed to post on? Support, feature requests, or bug reports for the core Stack Exchange engine that powers all Stack Exchange websites are asked on MSE. I ...
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Stack Overflow is getting a Meta of its own

We've grown considerably as a network since the days of the original trilogy, when the prospect of growing into a network of over 100 thriving Q&A sites was a distant glimmer in a cloudy night sky....
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What are the effective communication channels for effecting change to SE?

It seems clear at this point that MSE is not a useful mechanism for pointing out problems on SE sites and getting resolution for them. It is useful in some ways. If SE staff ask questions about ...
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When will Stack Overflow become irrelevant? [closed]

I'm starting to see the parallels between Stack Overflow and James Blish's 'Cities In Flight' series. In those books the major Earth cities all rip themselves from the host planet and set off for a ...
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Stack Exchange network with overlapping questions [duplicate]

This is a big feature request, so I'm not suggesting an immediate implementation or conversion. For the future of SE however, I believe it solves some existing issues which might only grow bigger as ...
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Site-Wide: Opting out of hiding the spoiler text

My friends and I over at SciFi Beta, have been noticing a few problems. The first is: The spoiler tag is used almost in every other question (or in an answer) and two: So I was suggestion a site wide ...
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Consider using migration from per-site Metas as only path to Meta SE for low rep users?

Meta SE seems to attract a much higher percentage of low quality, off-topic and spam questions than any other SE/SO site (Meta or Main) that I frequent. I naively asked: To help keep quality on ...
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The "off-topic" close reason on Meta sites should refer to Stack Exchange, not the individual parent site

When voting to close a question on a Meta site such as Meta Super User, there is a predefined close reason for off-topic, and it states that questions on this site should be related to Super User. ...
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Can you do a better job of informing new meta users of the MSE M-child difference?

... and perhaps Meta in general. I just had a question quickly and heavily down-voted on MSE. In the comments it was pointed out that the question was more relevant to SO than SE generally (and thus ...
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Should rep earned on the main site carry over to its relative meta? [duplicate]

I feel that it is a bit unfair that rep doesn't carry over between the parent site and its meta. This is the case for every single one of the sites I've been a part in on the Stack Exchange Network. ...
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Should design/layout/css issues be brought up here or on per-site metas?

In the case of a bug that appears to be due to a CSS layout on a StackExchange site, should the issue be raised on that site's meta, or on Meta? I know there is a lot of consistency across the network,...
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What’s the current rationale of not migrating questions that aren’t site-specific to MSE (in particular from MSO)?

TL;DR: MSO still is used like before the MSO–MSE split by most SO users. Is this really intended, and if yes, why? Recently, I visited Stack Overflow somewhat more often and through the sidebar ...
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