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Multiple loading bars [duplicate]

In some places we can see loading indicators like user search, review question, comments, revisions etc. If we do click a number of times very fast on them multiple loading bars appear (e.g. when your ...
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Let's play Space Invaders! [duplicate]

Not exactly a huge bug, but I think one loader would suffice. For the record, my connection dropped in the exact moment I clicked the flag link and every further click spawned a new loader (kind of ...
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The progress-bar gif keeps in appending [duplicate]

Normally, I browse on a very high-speed network which sometimes goes crazy and dies out. This is rare case, but happens. It happened around 10 minutes ago and I noticed this: All the single dots ...
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Too many flag throbbers [duplicate]

Description: I noticed some strange behavior when you have a really slow internet connection and you click the "flag" button on questions and answers more than once. At first, a single "loading" ...
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Flag dialogue loading animation appears on each click [duplicate]

When clicking on flag multiple times, it shows a new animation for each time we clicked on the flagging link. This mostly happens with a slow internet connection when we click multiple time to open ...
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Multiple Loading Icon when click on the user search [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Loading indicator is reproducing I search for the one user and I get the 3 dots as loading process. When I click again its add that images again and again. Please check the ...
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Duplicated votes are being cleaned up

It was reported on MSO that it is possible for a user to upvote or downvote more than once on a single post (resulting in reputation changes for the author for each vote). After some data examination, ...
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Don't let me click Enter more than once in the users page search box

5 minutes ago when I tried to open Meta Stack Overflow I got a message like below Then again I tried with Stack Overflow; the same thing happened. Being a member around 1+ years, and this is ...
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About links in header and footer are not consistent

In there are two about links, one in header and one in footer. The link in the header links to which is what expected. However, the link in the ...
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Page not found while logging in

I accidentally clicked on signup while selecting stackexchange option on login page, results in opening of stackexchange login form as well as signup form.. When I entered my credentials to login, it ...
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"my logins" is not loading in the network profile

"my logins" feature does no work and UI is not displayed properly after login on so website and visiting stackexchange profile page, in my example: In ...
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Clicking on the "update user profile" link creates non-modal dialog

Network user profile page contains a link named "update user profile". Clicking on that link leads to creation of new non-modal window, so I can create as many dialog boxes as I want: Don't ...
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No badges are visible after switching from mobile web to full site

Second page of the my profile page with opened Badges page looks in mobile web like showed in picture: If you make switch to full site (via link in the bottom of the page), then resulting page ...
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