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Magic wand time - what does your community need?

Continuing in my series of questions to you: Last week, I heard some great origin stories. This week, I’d like to refocus a bit on what could be better (in your view). I’m very curious about whether ...
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Invite low rep users to participate in chat

I'm aware of the preference for 'general answers to general questions' attitude on SO, and wholeheartedly agree that questions that are focused on specific, one-time issues are not as valuable to the ...
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What does it mean when someone's an Unregistered User?

I looked at someone's profile and it said Unregistered User. What does that mean?
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Allow temporary guest accounts in chat

When organizing an event on chat, it is sometimes nice to invite an expert or a guest. Yet such person must go through the process of making OpenID, registering account, going to chat, setting write ...
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Will there be an "invitation per SO question" feature for the chat?

Most of the users I answer questions to are fairly new to the system. That means they have a low reputation (often lower than 15) on SO. You can guess their reputation on MSO... They usually don't ...
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Can users with less reputation be allowed to chat?

This is something I have faced quite recently. Someone very new to Stack Overflow asked a question, but is not able to communicate properly or exactly understand the answers that has been given for ...
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Chat room access control: searching by user name can give unexpected results

Searching by user name searches more than just the user name (Patrick has the word 'waffles' in his about section) -- is this desirable behaviour? Even if a user matches the search criteria on a field ...
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Is it possible to give temporary privileges to people with low reputation? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can users with less reputation be allowed to chat? Is it possible to implement a feature so that people with less reputation can have access to higher reputation features by ...
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Using real-time in-page chat to provide basic support to new and potential users

Olark is a customer support tool that you can use to offer real-time chat on your website or in your web app. We use it for our tool (click to see a demo of how olark is integrated in our site). It ...
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Chat Moderators Enabling Under-20 Rep Users Speak in *Their* Rooms To Help Newbies Ramp Up [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Invite low rep users to participate in chat Question answering is a large percentage of the traffic in the typical language/library discussion group. And like many of the SO semi-...
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