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What website can I go in which I can find people that discuss Window-style OS improvements? [duplicate]

This is more of a hobby of mine that I've been working on for the past 5 years. I'd like to find a group of people that I can discuss innovative ideas that would be a major improvement to the current ...
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The NEW new "Be Nice" Policy ("Code of Conduct") — Updated with your feedback [duplicate]

Update: Thanks for all the additional feedback below. We incorporated a lot of your suggestions, and this is going live (as We're also looking at ways ...
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Help us figure out a way to handle the explosion of comments on Stack Overflow [closed]

As a frequent user of Stack Overflow, I see a lot of conversations that happen in comments. Whole questions are answered in the comments. Often, the comments have useful information, but ultimately, ...
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November 2011 Moderator Election - Town Hall Chat Digest #2

The following is a "digest" version of the November 2011 Moderator Election Town Hall Chat #2. The format, as described on Meta Stack Overflow, is one answer to this question for every ...
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Has anyone ever mentioned their Stack Overflow profile on their CV?

My question is to all those people who have done this in the past in their interviews OR to the people who have interviewed people and asked them a question about their contribution to the community ...
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What site can you use if you have a "gimme teh codez" question?

On Stack Overflow, there are quite a few questions, such as (10K link), where the OP wants you to implement ...
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Which is the best Stack Exchange site to ask questions concerning Asterisk, a VoIP phone system?

Asterisk is a server-based VoIP phone system that is usually run on Linux, and usually run on a network. I have seen posts for Asterisk on Server Fault, Stack Overflow, and Super User. I even saw one ...
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Saying anyone can ask a question is deceptive when you close their questions [closed]

I spent a frustrating hour trying to phrase a question that would meet the guidelines and not trigger any "title police", but was told "help" is not an acceptable word to include in the title. I may ...
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Why I don't want to use Stack Overflow [closed]

Well, not sure if the title is good, but really, I am a bit frustrated with the user behaviour here. It is not related to just one question, but a few of them I've posted and most of the questions ...
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"Listvars does the trick for me" is not regarded as an answer

I answered my own question at How to debug variables in Autohotkey without just using MsgBox? . I had read about listvars and it provided me the solution I required. Yet the moderator said: Please ...
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Is it appropriate to directly ask users to alter their behavior?

Some comments or answers ask users to alter their behavior on Stack Exchange. For example, critics may ask the questioner to modify their question, comment, or answer to fit some particular ...
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Possible solutions to why there is still so much 'attitude' and condescension on S.O. after there's been work to eliminate it

Why does SO have so much attitude and condescension, even after several measures have been taken to eliminate it? We can and need to do better Problem: S.O. still has so many people with a bad ...
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Where to ask question about logic?

I've got a question I want to ask about logic, specifically vacuous truths, but I'm not sure where, if anywhere, on SE it would go. My first choice would be a logic SE site, but I didn't see any in ...
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What is a "thread" called on SE?

How do we refer to a question and all of its answers and comments collectively? What is the normal word to use for this? I associate thread more with forums, not with SE. But is it used? What's the ...
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Is it ok to upvote or downvote all the posts of one person regardless of their content? [duplicate]

I was wondering if it was ok to downvote or upvote all the threads made by one person for personal reasons regardless of the threads content ?
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