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Does Stack Exchange have Inter-Community Mechanisms to Prevent Repercussions Against Contributors Who Fairly Challenge a Deeply-Held Community Belief?

Stack Exchange is a great Q&A site and often provides satisfying answers in a way that other curated platforms, such as Wikipedia, cannot. Underpinning this platform is a community. Community ...
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Which is the best Stack Exchange site to ask questions concerning Asterisk, a VoIP phone system?

Asterisk is a server-based VoIP phone system that is usually run on Linux, and usually run on a network. I have seen posts for Asterisk on Server Fault, Stack Overflow, and Super User. I even saw one ...
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Possible solutions to why there is still so much 'attitude' and condescension on S.O. after there's been work to eliminate it

Why does SO have so much attitude and condescension, even after several measures have been taken to eliminate it? We can and need to do better Problem: S.O. still has so many people with a bad ...
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A forum to discuss old computers: Where could I ask if anyone else would be interested? [closed]

My computer will reach the end of its official support in five days. It's a 32 bits architecture, so I can't upgrade it. I have others, including an Apple II which belonged to my dad: 5 1/4 inch ...
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Where do I ask the question "What does the string "scrlybrkr" do in URLs?"?

Where can I ask a question like: What does the string "scrlybrkr" do in URLs? It doesn't seem to fit particularly well on any of the Stack Exchange sites that I've checked. Edit: I figured ...
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Help us figure out a way to handle the explosion of comments on Stack Overflow [closed]

As a frequent user of Stack Overflow, I see a lot of conversations that happen in comments. Whole questions are answered in the comments. Often, the comments have useful information, but ultimately, ...
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Has anyone ever mentioned their Stack Overflow profile on their CV?

My question is to all those people who have done this in the past in their interviews OR to the people who have interviewed people and asked them a question about their contribution to the community ...
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Can answers to closed questions in search results get a 'closed' label as well?

Going through search results, answers have the same title as their questions, but lack the '[closed]' status indicator if the thread has been closed. This is an example from a search here on Meta. ...
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Are Thank you's at ends of questions acceptable? [duplicate]

This is a question from an editor-in-training. Are "Thank you"'s at ends of questions acceptable? Thank you!
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Email notifications on Q&A I have been involved in

I fail to understand how to get emails when questions I have asked get answered, or when questions I have responded to get more comments or answers. Many of the questions I found seem to apply to ...
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What is the best site to talk about data warehousing?

I am looking for the adequate site for data warehousing topics. In terms of critical mass, what is better, Database Administrators or generic Stack Overflow? Am I in the best place?
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Should moderators have the right to vote on questions?

I have come across of what is in my opinion of moderators in PSE bias by downvoting specific questions systematically even if these are backed up by the literature. Negative votes are cast even a few ...
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What site can you use if you have a "gimme teh codez" question?

On Stack Overflow, there are quite a few questions, such as (10K link), where the OP wants you to implement ...
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Helping users figure out where to post their question [duplicate]

I'm an avid forum user. For years, I have successfully both retrieved and shared information on various forums. However, I am disappointed to find that the same is difficult to achieve here on Stack ...
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Where can I ask questions about vehicle registration, transfer, etc.?

This question is more for the vehicle owners, who are possibly moving from one state to another or to a different country. Several other relevant questions regarding the care, maintenance of the ...

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