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Adzerk's "About Stack Exchange" excerpt says Stack Overflow, a forum

I just posted an answer for What criteria determine whether a Stack Exchange site should carry ads? question and noticed the Adzerk's About Stack Exchange excerpt on the right says "Stack Overflow, a ...
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Can we just get rid of "too broad" on meta?

"Too broad" questions are pretty clearly okay on meta much of the time. Like this one. Nonetheless I voted to close it out of sheer moral sense of duty, because it does happen to fit the definition of ...
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Accidentally posted on wrong forum

Any chance you can transfer my posts from stack overflow meta on to this meta list. 100% my bad in my head stack exchange and stack overflow are synonymous and i have to correct my thinking. I don't ...
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Why do some SE sites have looser policy than others

I know that Stack Exchange requires questions to be specific, unambiguous, and having single-solution. For example, in the tour page (my emphasis): Ask about... Specific issues within each site's ...
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Unnecessary Downvote [closed]

I have a stackexchange account where I posted a couple of questions and people were going out unnecessarily down voting posts on my question. This is preposterous. And this restricts my ability to ...
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Why does one lose reputation for posting a duplicate? [duplicate]

I don't believe it is harmful to have the same questions written in different ways. Many times I search for a question but can't find it, only later to have someone share a question that is phrased ...
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Where do I ask the question "What does the string "scrlybrkr" do in URLs?"?

Where can I ask a question like: What does the string "scrlybrkr" do in URLs? It doesn't seem to fit particularly well on any of the Stack Exchange sites that I've checked. Edit: I figured ...
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Too high a cost for a new user

I like Stack Overflow, but being a new user, I: Cannot create tags for new question types Cannot reply with a positive answer to a qeustion, even though I have a working solution Cannot get proper ...
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What is this question about (english language forum) [closed]

I would like to ask the meta forum about the logic in this question: I once read about a nice word that describes the specific noise made by a helicopter in flight. It wasn't a generic verb like &...
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Are Thank you's at ends of questions acceptable? [duplicate]

This is a question from an editor-in-training. Are "Thank you"'s at ends of questions acceptable? Thank you!
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Should comments be trimmed on FAQ questions? Should answers be curated?

When I see a question like Do posts have to be in English on Stack Exchange?, I wonder how any person who really wants to know the answer is going to make use of it. In this case, I see three barriers ...
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Helping users figure out where to post their question [duplicate]

I'm an avid forum user. For years, I have successfully both retrieved and shared information on various forums. However, I am disappointed to find that the same is difficult to achieve here on Stack ...
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Is there a Zemax community?

I am new to Stack Exchange and its constellation of sites. I was wondering if there is a Zemax (optical design software) user group here that I could interact with for all things Optical Design ...
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post deletion - Noty (notifier) is not working inside a function [closed]

My post on the question Noty (notifier) is not working inside a function, not sure why. I am kind of new to SO, so it will be great if I know the reason.
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Apple OS X Developer Program: can I ask questions about the new API? [closed]

Is it allowed to ask questions on a public forum (^H^H^H or Q&A) regarding features of an API that is only available to (paid) members of the Apple Developer Program (ADP)? I would say that those ...
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