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A forum to discuss old computers: Where could I ask if anyone else would be interested? [closed]

My computer will reach the end of its official support in five days. It's a 32 bits architecture, so I can't upgrade it. I have others, including an Apple II which belonged to my dad: 5 1/4 inch ...
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How do I ask questions on Stack Exchange sites and don't get downvoted? [duplicate]

I can get why I am getting downvotes when I ask question about JavaScript - I don't have experience and should learn language instead of doing stuff with it. I can't get why I am getting upvotes on ...
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Would a Discussion Section complement the Q&A section/theme of Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

A few years ago I was annoyed that such a great question/discussion had to be closed as off topic. It was Good keyboards for programming and I was annoyed that such a useful topic (to me) would have ...
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Change the error message that the new user gets when he/she tries to make his first comment

Recently I was informed that a new user on this site needed 50 rep to comment, because of protection against-spammers. My proposal is to change the error message that the new user gets. How about ...
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Is splitting Stack Exchange into tiny sub sites really the direction we should be taking?

Didn't someone already ask that? Yes, something like this has been asked and I'll provide a link for you right here, before you have to go looking for duplicates: Why is Stack Exchange split into ...
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Considerate collective name for stackexchange sites [closed]

Apparently there is a strong belief that StackOverflow is not a forum. I don't buy that sort of things but some individuals are very sensitive about this. What is an accurate and civil one-word ...
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Disappointed with Stack overflow-specially the working [closed]

Recently I asked a question on Stack overflow which is this: JSP with HTML As soon as I could post it, I was rewarded with -4(-2) votes.As a beginner in my Technology, it should be OK to ask a ...
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Feature Request: allow closed questions a 2nd (pointless) life [duplicate]

To broadly paint my understanding, Stack Overflow doesn't want a reputation of more frivolous open questions and emotional debate. But it also wants to foster use and value. These are at odds whenever ...
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No reason for being excluded from Stack Overflow [duplicate]

As StackExchange becomes more frequently the official forum for popular open source software, if you are locked out your options for help are really limited. Would it not be fair to have one ...
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User Guide for new users to Stack Overflow

As Stack Overflow grows, it becomes increasingly ridden with extremely newbie and mediocre questions. It's just natural. The team are fighting hard to keep the crap out, but there are many very ...
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Hyperlink to not-so-relevant Microsoft KB article in SO How to Ask section needs to be removed [closed]

In the How to Ask section of SO, under the heading Related on the right sidebar, there is a link to a not-so-relevant Microsoft KB article. Link in question: How to ask a question This article does ...
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Modal for images in Stack Exchange community? [duplicate]

I've noticed that these forums do lack a LightBox for the images posted by users. When I click an image in a question to view the full size, it will simply open the image in the parent window, ...
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What is the best site to talk about data warehousing?

I am looking for the adequate site for data warehousing topics. In terms of critical mass, what is better, Database Administrators or generic Stack Overflow? Am I in the best place?
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Pricing model for using Stack Exchange [duplicate]

We are evaluating a different forum solution for our business need. Can we use Stack Exchange? Is there any enterprise version? What is the pricing model? Is there any on-premise solution or ...
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What is the appropriate place to ask for advice on which technology or plugin to use for a specific purpose? [duplicate]

I am developing a website in Django and am looking for the appropriate front-end and back-end plugins to crop, rotate, and resize images. I have enough experience on Stack Overflow to know that ...
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