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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Multiple edits within the edit window no longer preserve all edit comments

I just edited this question twice: once to reformat the code (it was included in a <pre> block), and again to add a direct image link. Because I made these edits within a few minutes of each ...
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Quick successive edits are merged, but summaries are not

I noticed this mostly in community wiki questions. When two edits of the same answers are merged, their summaries are not, and the later summary just replaces the earlier one. This can lead to loss ...
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Edit Summary for multiple edits within the grace period

I remember a discussion here on Meta.SO about Edit Summaries for multiple edits within the grace period, but I can't find it. At the time of that discussion, when one submitted another edit within 5 ...
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How do I edit an edit that is still in peer review?

Say, I've edited a question asked by someone. I submitted my edit, and then realize I could have made few more changes. Now I want to edit my previous edit. How can this be done? (If it can be done?)
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How does editing work?

It is possible for users to edit an existing post. How do edits work? Who may edit a question or answer? How can you tell what has been changed between edits? For more information, see "Why can ...
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Editing edit summaries [duplicate]

I attempt to write my edit summaries with the utmost care, but on occasion, I'll be moving to fix something else, and I'll end up with a messed up summary. I have found that if I re-edit within a ...
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Reason for editing a question was not updated

I recently edited an SE Travel question twice within 5 minutes. The first time I replaced links to passport images with the actual passport image and gave the edit reason as imported the full image ...
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Can the edit summary be changed by users doing an additional edit from edit review? [duplicate]

I have observed a few times that, when I suggest an edit and that edit is accepted by someone else, but they add a further edit, then they seem to duplicate my edit summary in their own edit. However, ...
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Please auto-merge edit-summary on edit merge [duplicate]

Often this happens to me: I see a poorly formatted question. I format the question, rename, retag, describe my deeds concisely in the edit-summary field. I submit. I realise the bloody prettifier won'...
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Edit message is lost after a small follow-up edit

I've noticed a glitch here: What I did was: post a very short, speculative answer did some more research, came back later and provided a working ...
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Editing within grace period no longer remembers previous edit reason? [closed]

For the longest time, the previous edit summary was retained when editing the post again within the 5 minute grace period. It appears that now, that is no longer true, and it's extremely annoying. ...
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