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Penalties for being a primadonna on SO and meta [duplicate]

I can't count the number of times that I've seen a post from a well-intended, albeit naive, questioner get the comments section of their post (which can't be down-voted) hijacked by people who get ...
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Flagging users who post useless comments [duplicate]

One of the things I find really annoying about Stack Overflow is that many users will post useless comments and others will upvote them. If someone doesn't think you did do your homework, then they ...
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Off putting comments and remarks [duplicate]

Firstly I would like to say that as a learner I am deeply indebted to Stack Overflow and it has saved me many sleepness nights but I have found that I am sometimes reluctant to post a question, no ...
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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How does comment voting and flagging work?

Comments can now be upvoted and flagged. How do those features work? Do users get rep for their upvoted comments? Do upvoted comments have any effect on comment sorting? And can users see their own ...
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Is the official comment policy obsolete, and should we change it?

Here's what the "comment everywhere" privilege page currently states: When should I comment? Comments are intended to: provide feedback on posts add relevant, but minor, information to ...
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How can I ask a question when I have a poor grasp on English?

I am a little upset with what has happened with my previous post. It seems to me that one particular user has some problem with my posts and always posts negative comments regarding my poor English. ...
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At what point are comments classified as rude or offensive for off-topic questions

I'm honestly looking for some advice on flagging comments, my perspective may need a little refresher. I came across this question
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If voting means 'I agree/disagree' on Meta, it shouldn't affect reputation [closed]

As it's been made clear that voting on Meta basically means 'I agree/disagree with your proposal' and has no bearing on the quality of the proposal, it shouldn't have even a small affect on reputation....
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How do I get clarification-comment-exchanges cleared from my question?

It's very common for users to ask questions which require clarification, elaboration, an example etc. More experienced users often comment on the question, asking for just that. Then the OPs comment, ...
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What is the best option to flag a comment like "+1" or "Works fine"?

On Stack Overflow I see many comments like "+1", "great answer", and "yeah man!". What is the best way to flag them?
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What should I do with accusatory comments?

Recently, I posted an answer to a question on SO, about 5 seconds after another user posted a very similar answer. For some reason, that post was downvoted, but mine wasn't; they were almost the exact ...
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What happens after flagging a comment as noise, offensive or spam? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does comment voting and flagging work? It seems to me SO just hides the flag feature on that comment for the user after he flags the comment.
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Promoting politeness in comments

Or rather discouraging rude comments. I've noticed that people tend to be quite polite in their answers. Perhaps because reputation is at stake. It happens rather frequently that people tend to be ...
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Why can I edit out the Possible Duplicate Banner from this question? [duplicate]

Normally, I don't see an edit in the revision history where the possible duplicate banner is added after someone votes to close a question but take a look at this post, not only can I view the banner ...
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